by radmom 12 Aug 2013

I have this block that my mother made many years ago. She lost the pattern, so could never figure out how to make another. My mom has since passed on, but I am still hoping to find the pattern, so I can make it for gifts for little girls in the family. Mom said she thought it was called "Melissa" and she got it from Annie's Attic that does the Sunbonnet Sue. If anyone has seen this block before, could you let me know please? I would really appreciate it!


by kezza2sew 27 Aug 2013

wow looks lovely, hope you get the pattern or can finish it and do it justice...

by radmom 14 Aug 2013

This is the best I could do with a side view to give the idea of the dimension in the block. The bonnet brim is open. The arms are attached at bodice and skirt, and the skirt is folded over the underskirt.

by muffy 14 Aug 2013

I think it's called "Annie's Attic Melissa An Old-Fashioned Patch by Number Pillow Quilt pattern",. Just keep searching on etsy and ebay. It does come up from time to time.
Muffy :)

radmom by radmom 14 Aug 2013

Thank you! Now that I have a name for it, it should help me with my search.

radmom by radmom 15 Aug 2013

I did a google search for what you said. The only thing that came up was on e-bay, and it was already sold. I'll just have to keep looking.

by wp1012 13 Aug 2013

I love it. I have a lot of quilting books that I was looking at today. Some of them are so old they are not on E-Bay. It is in a book I have. I will look thru them again. I do remember there was a small difference. And it was that you could use colored lace instead of fabric....

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radmom by radmom 14 Aug 2013

My mother kept everything, but the pattern may have gotten lost in cleaning. Maybe if I check her books that I do have, it'll be there. Perhaps my mother thought she had an actual pattern, not just from a book or magazine.

by cootie 13 Aug 2013

I love it! If you are interested, I think I may be able to help reconstruct it, if you haven't figured it out yet...or is it the outer part that has you stumped??? Is it needle turned appliqued?

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radmom by radmom 14 Aug 2013

My mother was the real quilter. I just follow patterns usually. She wasn't able to figure it out. The block is 12x12. The brim of the bonnet is open. The arms are attached at the bodice and skirt, so they're kinda like a tube. The outer skirt overlaps the inner skirt. It's almost a 3 dimensional pattern. I don't know exactly how to explain it. The skirt is what had my mother stumped.

by camylow 13 Aug 2013

while trying to find it for you, I came across this was called a dutch girl..couldn't find the actual pattern, however you could blow this up and cut out the image (add 1/4 all around) for sewing...don't know if any of this helped...sorry that's all I could get deanna

by stork 13 Aug 2013

Absolutely beautiful. What a treasure. Hope that a pattern is found!

by haleymax 12 Aug 2013

I believe I have seen this before. I'll try to find it in the quilting books that I have from my mother and MIL.

by rachap 12 Aug 2013

It may be something like Southern Sunbonnet Sue.

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radmom by radmom 12 Aug 2013

Could be.

by cfidl 12 Aug 2013

It is adorable. I took a peek at ebay and a few others and did not see this pattern. Good Luck in your search.

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radmom by radmom 12 Aug 2013

Thanks! My mom did incredible craft-work of all sorts.