by pldc ( edited 08 Aug 2013 ) 08 Aug 2013

yoga pants, & a pair of tights. I basically did the tights without the feet & I used an old turtleneck to make the yoga pants. the link for the tights is here too. Well I tried just about everything I could think of to get the ink off of her dolls but had zero luck does anyone know how to get old ink off?


by blueeyedblonde 11 Aug 2013

love these!

by queenofhearts 09 Aug 2013

I raised 3 daughters and believe me , there was nothing available in that era to take ink off dolls, because I tried them all. The ink soaks right into the vinyl.

by pldc 09 Aug 2013

thank you cuties for all the hugs & compliments & suggestions, posted below is another. I will ask my daughter if she has any (she has teenagers too) & go from there. Hugs & ** 4U ALL

by justonlyme 08 Aug 2013

Great idea to use old clothes to outfit baby dolls. I'm working on some new babies right now, and am using old sweaters and such as materials for the clothing. Cute outfits!
As for ink on dolls (I'm guessing the face, as that is what my daughter used to decorate), try isopropol alcohol or nail polish remover. Be careful with some of the cleaners, as they will dissolve the plastic or leave a permanent sticky spot where the plasticizer gets removed. Good luck with the dolls and ink. If nothing else, just ignore the ink, because it will probably happen again. :)

by highlandermom 08 Aug 2013

I love the pants. I still have a doll I drew chicken pox on many moons ago, with red ink. She is still around and has pink scars after many scrubs.

by clawton 08 Aug 2013

What about trying the cleaners used for car upholstery.

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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

I will ask my hubby if he has any? Thanks for the tip I will try most anything but not keen on the heat lamp idea. Hugs &***4U2

by pldc 08 Aug 2013

I have tried everything now including the hairspray & it is not coming off! I want to thank you all for your suggestions anyway.

by karenjay 08 Aug 2013

cute clothing

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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

thank you Karen Hugs & ** 4U2

by capoodle 08 Aug 2013

That is nice having them matching tights. Her dolls will be warm this winter. There are too many ink marks to say it is an boo boo and cover them up with bandages. Hope someone has a solution or if the dry cleaners has something that can remove it easily.

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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

thanks Anita they are fun to make, but the ink might be a lost cause! hugs & ** 4U2

by debi197 08 Aug 2013

I don't know if it will remove the ink from a doll, but hair spray will definitely remove ink from almost any clothing; if it can be washed. And the cheaper the hairspray, the better... lol. If you are removing ink from clothing place a rag between the two layers. It prevents the ink from bleeding onto the bottom layer. just spray, leave it to dry, and if that didn't work, spray the spot again. After the spot is gone, just throw in the was as usual. I have used half a can of hairspray to remove ink from one of my son's white work shirts.

let us know if you find a solution to the doll marks... i have a 4 year old grand who is now "dying" her doll's hair with markers. If they don't have hair but molded plastic, she makes them look "more real".


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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

lol how creative their little minds get right! I will try the hair spray again thanks Hugs & **** 4U2

by tilde01 08 Aug 2013

What a super neat idea. Thanks for sharing.

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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

isn't it great, I can't take the credit though Anita sent me the link! I love it such a really inexpensive way to recycle into something loved & useful! Hugs & *** 4U2

by jerrib 08 Aug 2013

I have heard toothpaste removes ink, but haven't tried it.
Also if you have "Goof Off" that might work as well. Any of those products to remove the sticky residue from labels on things might work.
Good luck,
Hugs Jerri

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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

yep tried them too, but thanks anyway, hugs &** 4U2

by powagrl 08 Aug 2013

Here is how to remove ink using acne medicine, benzyol peroxide & light.

powagrl by powagrl 08 Aug 2013

The first link above will work.
Another way is to use the benzoyl peroxide & an ordinary light inside.

pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

thanks I will check this out HUGS ** 4U2

by pldc edited 08 Aug 2013

it just so easy to make these! I had to go up into the toe for the bigger dolly because my socks are not knee highs but aren't they cute!

by gwillmann 08 Aug 2013

To get ink off, first try rubbing alcohol. Next try Spot Shot (carpet cleaner). My next try would be Magic Eraser, but be careful not to rub too hard. I have had good luck with each of these products.

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pldc by pldc 08 Aug 2013

I have tried these with no luck but thanks anyway. Hugs *** 4U2

by ssampsel 08 Aug 2013

i am having the an ink problem with youngest gd doll. seems like black markers leave purple marks after scrubbing! love the pants..did you make the pattern?

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pldc by pldc edited 08 Aug 2013

I added the link at the top sorry I should have done that too. I did make them you can too SUPER EASY