by bunnyhop 01 Aug 2013

not the best of pictures but here it is my wedding banner. loved doing the hearts more than anything.


by pldc 01 Aug 2013

You did a terrific job on this is it lovely! Hugs Loralye

by highlandermom 01 Aug 2013

I think you did a great job on whole banner and the hearts are lovely.

by noah 01 Aug 2013

excellent job hope you are enjoying married life hugs

by laffma1 01 Aug 2013

Very nice!!

by oaro 01 Aug 2013

great job

by toogie 01 Aug 2013

Stitched out well.Must have been a cruise honeymoon, with the anchors.Please state where your applique banner is from,and your anchors.Good job-Toogie

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 01 Aug 2013

made for my neighbours gd wedding sorry not mine. letter banner from bigdreamsembroidery cannot remember where the anchor came from ????