by marjialexa Moderator 28 Jul 2013

Cuties, would you please remember my cousin Matt Alexa in your prayers? I just found out he's been diagnosed with stomach and duodenal cancer that has spread to his liver. I guess they want to do chemo to see if they can get it out of the liver before they even operate on the other tumors. His chemo starts Aug 1, and they only give him a 5% chance. He's in good spirits, says it's better than no chance at all. I'm kind of in shock, just so surprised, he's 6 years younger than I am, and was close friends with my late brother. When I went to go visit with him, the blasted "check engine" light came on about a mile from home, and this time it wasn't a false alarm, then all the lights came on and the car stopped entirely. I did finally get it started again, but since all the fluids, etc. are ok, it needs the repair shop. So I didn't get to see Matt, and don't know how I'm going to get this car fixed. Please pray for him, I'm just not sure he's clear on how bad chemo can be, or how few numbers there are in 5% -- I'm scared silly for him. Luckily his brother is taking him in, taking care of him through this. And please put up a PS prayer that they can fix this stupid car quickly and without too much expense---I'm far in the country, can't exist without a car out here. Thanks, I appreciate your prayers, and will try to add a picture of Matthew if I can find one to scan into the computer, don't have any digital ones. Again, thanks, hugs, Marji


by askmcv 02 Oct 2013

My prayer is added to many others, I am sure...

by fitzy1928 02 Oct 2013

g`day i dont know the date of this post but in sydney there is a dr who removes the cancer on the liver (mine) and after he will put heated chemo drugs in to the peritoneal for about 90 mins.i will be having the op in the next 2 weeks today its 2/10/13 he gives me a 50/50 chance mean while i have been on the net and found the budwig protocol it is food based.
what i like about this is i can do it even if i`m on chemo or not.
a lot of drs dont want you to take supplements while on chemo
but they wont know about this there are lots of info on the net
e g how to out smart your cancer google scholar is also good
cancer active in the uk has info. i will pray for your cousin i have known about mine for 2 months its the 2nd time but lucky for me i have no symptons i have been very happy for the last 2 years
if god thinks my time is up so be it at 64 i have had a good life not like young ones who get it. all the best carol

by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Jul 2013

Done my friend

by graceandham 29 Jul 2013

Praying - this sounds urgent.

by camylow 29 Jul 2013

sending requests to the FATHER for your cousin and your poor little ole car....HUGS, PRAYERS AND LOTS OF LOVE...

by joansatx 29 Jul 2013

Absolutely! Prayers for everyone involved....including a mechanic.

by jrob Moderator 29 Jul 2013

Oh, Marji, I will add Matt and your dratted car to my "for real" prayer list. I'm so sorry you didn't make it to see him. I know how important he is to you for you to take off to see him with the car acting up. If I can help, let me know. Hugs

by pldc 29 Jul 2013

you are both added to my prayer list for sure, & have no fear God has taken you to it so he will also take you through it. Remember this my chances of being back to "normal" were less then 50% & I would say that I'm 80% back, so 5% is just a number prayers can & do Miracles. hugs Loralye

by mary51 29 Jul 2013

I will pray for him. have you heard about noni is a tropical fruit, and indeed cure cancer, this is how it works, help create new cell therefore every time you have a chemo bad cell are kill, but the noni gives you new cells, I have a friend she was cured, and the Dr. did not give her more than a year, now she is cancer free. My friend buys the concentrated noni juice from a company in Hawaii, I have three trees but I know agriculture will not allowed this out of this country, I believe the cost is 60 dollars, but you have to mix it with honey and molasses, I do not remember the amount of each I think is 16oz of noni and 4 oz. of honey and molasses. If you have cancer is 1oz. three times a day, if you had it is 2 oz. a day for prevention is 1 oz. a day I take the 1 oz. a day. it tastes ok only it is too sweet. I told Debra about this I do not know if she is doing this.

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marjialexa by marjialexa 01 Aug 2013

Mary, thanks for the Noni juice information. Matt is more into natural healing, so I will definitely copy this and print it for him. Hugs, M

by lidiad 29 Jul 2013

Prayers for Matt and for you!
Hugs, Lidia

by sdrise 29 Jul 2013

Prayers are coming your way! Suzanne

by manami 29 Jul 2013

Dear Marji,
You and your cousin are in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Yoriko

by airyfairy 29 Jul 2013

My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. I hope your car gets fixed soon without too much expense. Hugs Sarah.

by cfidl 29 Jul 2013

Best Wishes and may you realize bountiful blessings.

by rescuer Moderator 28 Jul 2013

Prayers for him, you, your family, and your car.

by capoodle 28 Jul 2013

Sending special prayers for Matt and hope that you can get your car up and running again without too much costs.

by sewist1 28 Jul 2013

So sad to hear of your cousin's illness. Maybe it is good in a way that he doesn't know how bad chemo is. I will pray for him and for you in the problem with your car. Cars are very expensive items sometimes.

by noah 28 Jul 2013

No problem will pray for him hugs Carolyn