by bonnetgirl 24 Jul 2013

Just thought I would show you what I have been up to. I decided to design this little sleeper blanket for selling on my etsy page. I am trying to get enough things together for a craft show this fall also. The hat is an ITH design. The first one was not wide enough at the feet so went back to the drawing board. They say they (whoever they are) are not wanting babies covered up with blankets at night so I made my own pattern. It is being said they sell in stores for 65.00 to 129.00. Just purchased some blue tie dye fleece to make a boys. Thanks for looking.

Hugs Joann


by marianb 28 Jul 2013

Very nice looks cosy and warm

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 29 Jul 2013

I find that new Mothers love them. My friend ask if she could copy my pattern to make for her new GGD also and she said the new mother went crazy over it.
Hugs Joann

by bonnetgirl 28 Jul 2013

Well ladies I guess this one will not go on my ETSY site....Last night I was told I will have a new GGD around Dec 18th....she just found out it will be a girl and well you know I just have to give this to her. lol...
Hugs Joann

by lidiad 27 Jul 2013

That's a lovely set!
Hugs, Lidia

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 28 Jul 2013

Thank you....I never saw one of these before but my daughter told me they are the rage for babies.
Hugs Joann

by buffy1 26 Jul 2013


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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 28 Jul 2013

Thank you...I just love it.
Hugs Joann

by bonnetgirl 25 Jul 2013

Thank you for your kind words everyone. I know that the mothers love these because of all the questions people are asking me when they see it. I can't wait to get enough made to reopen my etsy site. I have sold or given all the clothing I had. I gave the things I had to a womans shelter and some to my GGD. I love to make baby and small children's clothing but my youngest is now 6 so I am awaiting the new baby in December so I am also making things for he/she. I will find out what it is this weekend I think. I will be putting up some more things as I make them. God bless you All.
Hugs Joann

by highlandermom 24 Jul 2013

Very nice , I hope you do very well selling these.

by capoodle 24 Jul 2013

You have made a nice shaped bunting. Hope you do well selling these.

by dragonflyer 24 Jul 2013

Very nice...the mother's that I have made these for just love them and it is surprising how long the babies can wear them...they prefer them much more than blankets...and the babies can't kick them off like a blanket...

by pldc 24 Jul 2013

love the fabric choice & best of Luck to you! hugs loralye

by noah 24 Jul 2013

what is your etsy url so we/i can go look hugs

by mysew1325 24 Jul 2013

nice job...

by bonnetgirl 24 Jul 2013

The word out is there needs to be plenty of kicking room but arms are left open so air can circulate. So no sleeve.

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 24 Jul 2013

added the tab so zipper won't bother neck.

by oaro 24 Jul 2013

very nice job