by greysewist Moderator 20 Jul 2013

Good site experience.

I was browsing at Kreative Kiwi this morning, having read from someone on here about something there. Found a set I wanted but the links to buy weren't working. Let the site owner know and she wrote to thank me and included the set for free! I am most impressed and will be sure to shop there again.


by noah 20 Jul 2013

I love her free stippling in all sizes hugs

by almag 20 Jul 2013

Kreative Kiwi is one of the nicest sites I know. I buy sets there and I'm often surprised by a free set arriving by email a bit later. Not only was the free puppy alphabet sent to me this week but the individual puppy designs were included. This will be wonderful for a little boy's quilt. Added to all that is the fact that purchasing responses are immediate and very easy.

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Jul 2013

Thanks so much for telling us about something GOOD that happened!! I'm impressed! There's a site owner that has a really good handle on what "customer service" means, and I'm so glad you told us about it. I've not been to that site, I don't think, but I sure will put her on my list of places to check out from now on. One good turn deserves another. I really feel good about purchasing from folks with such a thankful, service-oriented attitude, know if I have any kind of glitch it will be dealt with kindly and efficiently. What a nice start to my day on the computer! Thanks, hugs, Marji

by mad14kt 20 Jul 2013

I've experienced similar goodness. Someone/Company/Business/Etc whom value others will NEVER go hungry!!! ;D *2U

by clawton 20 Jul 2013

Always good news to hear about something like that. A+ for Kreative Kiwi.

by cfidl 20 Jul 2013

Wow! I think that may be a first! Her site is very nice.

by lilylyn 20 Jul 2013

Great news. She has some lovely designs.

by spendlove Moderator 20 Jul 2013

Good news to start the day!