by babolucia ( edited 17 Jul 2013 ) 17 Jul 2013

Gift for a wedding

I spent weeks making these gifts. Unfortunately the marriage didn't last even two months.

I made hankies for bride and groom and their parents. They are what took the longest. For gentlemen's hankies, I did hemstitch with my sewing machine. For the ladies, I was going to to scallop edge with the sewing machine, but I didn't want to deal with trimming, so I did the rolled wave stitch on my Babylock Evolution Serger. Very happy with the result.

I was new to embroidery and I didn't even know that the embroidery hoop is larger than the stitch area. Anyway, my positioning is a little off as you can see. These are already the good ones. Wasted a lot of expensive handkerchief linen fabric. I was able to use those pieces in my later projects like the baby bibs. I also saved one as a press cloth.

Then I made a gift bag for the hankies.

I also embroidered on ready made napkins.

Then I made a tote bag for the bride which can be snapped up to be smaller.


by mops Moderator 19 Jul 2013

You did a beautiful job.

by grossfamilie 19 Jul 2013

This is so much made with love and knowledge - what a pity that the love of the wedding couple did not last. Your beautiful gifts would be worth a new start - Love and hugs Maria

by pldc 18 Jul 2013

how very unfortunate for the couple. your gifts are quite lovely & I'm sure given in love so not a waste at all! hugs Loralye

by oaro 18 Jul 2013

very nice gift

by arlene 18 Jul 2013

you did a wonderful job. everything is lovely.

by pennifold 18 Jul 2013

Beautiful job on them all. Love and blessings Chris

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jul 2013

You did a lovely job on each and every item.

by annyn 18 Jul 2013

Beautiful work. Well done.

by greysewist Moderator 18 Jul 2013

How disappointing that the marriage wasn't a viable one. You did a fantastic job on all of the items you made for the event. Chalk it up to experience, I guess.

by anitapatch 18 Jul 2013

Lovely work you did

by highlandermom 18 Jul 2013

You did beautiful work on all and it is sad relationship over that fast.

by noah 17 Jul 2013

wow poor you that was hours of work ,they look lovely anyways hugs carolyn

by capoodle 17 Jul 2013

All of these gifts are so lovely. Hope all the recipients can appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making these. You might say it was a memorable short lived wedding.