by nannynorfolk 16 Jul 2013

Found this pic interesting - golf tees - especially as i work at a Golf Club!!! Do you think the golfers would notice any missing?? ;)) lol


by debswebster 17 Jul 2013

Very clever indeed. Thanx for showing us.

by capoodle 16 Jul 2013

Enjoy seeing creative use of easy to find items.

by shirley124 16 Jul 2013

Another great use for golf tees. Will have to contact my son and see if I can persuade him to give me some. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Shirley

by clawton 16 Jul 2013

Wonderful idea. Just wish my drawers were deeper to do this.

by bevintex 16 Jul 2013

I just put golf tees on my gotta have list. Keep sending us these great ideas

by gramsbear 16 Jul 2013

Real Neat Idea!!!

by mad14kt 16 Jul 2013

Lovely ;D *2U

by rsehorse 16 Jul 2013

They work well. I have been using them for years. Susan

by joansatx 16 Jul 2013

Clever! Thanks for showing.

by sdrise 16 Jul 2013

Greaty idea too! Suzanne

by ajmmjs 16 Jul 2013


by mary51 16 Jul 2013

Great idea!

by dragonflyer 16 Jul 2013

What a good idea...glue a mini pincushion on the top of the tee and you will have a place to "park" your needle...

by lilylady 16 Jul 2013

love this Idea!

by tilde01 16 Jul 2013

I like the idea. I've got a draw that was going to be thrown away and I salvaged it. Now I know how I'm going to be using it. Just hope the tees are long enough.

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dennis999 by dennis999 16 Jul 2013

You can buy tees of varying lengths, even long enough to hold 5000 metre cones.

by hsarah 16 Jul 2013

Love it. Thanks. Passing it on to a quilting friend. She'll flip out.

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jul 2013

What a great idea. Good thing the tees are cheap, so we can still stay legal..

by dennis999 16 Jul 2013

I saw something similar to this but with the golf tees bonded (cup end down) to a recycled tea tray. In this way the golf tee is fixed and you simply slide your cone and/or bobbin over the top. I am currently making up a large rack using this method. I had a look on EBay for golf tees and could not believe the variety available and many were as cheap as chips. You can even get them in a range of colours so you can coordinate with your threads. When I get finished I will try to remember to post some pics. It just crossed my mind, Nannynorfolk, that given your work, you could have used the site name of 'Birdie' or 'Eagle'..................and no, the other one didn't cross my

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nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 16 Jul 2013

Lol - well,as they say ''GOLF - is a 4 letter word!!!! ;0 lol
will remind you re your pics when your mission has been accomplished ;))))

by karenjay 16 Jul 2013

all that is missing are the golf balls - lol

by marianb 16 Jul 2013

A nifty way to keep them together

by gerryvb 16 Jul 2013

well isn't that a great found :)
Don't take too many at once, they sure will miss them in that case LOL. but perhaps you can ask as a kind of promotionstunt for the golfclub, to get embroiderers interested in golf ?

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nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 16 Jul 2013

If they did that gerry they wouldnt have time to play golf ;)
ask me how i know!!! lol hugs xx

by pennifold 16 Jul 2013

Dear Marie,

Ha ha ha! Love it. My husband loves to play golf when he can and I'm afraid I wouldn't dare touch his tees - but what a great idea for storage. Some people are very clever in thinking outside the square! Love and blessings Chris

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nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 16 Jul 2013

Hi Chris- it wasn't me-but has created a devilish thought in me!!! hahaha -hugs xx