by gignac 13 Jul 2013

please can some one help me? when i digitize i use PEdesign next and when i want to give it to you some of you cannot open it is it true for all of you did some one can open pes? where is the probleme? how to resolve it ? thanks for your help


by marcellelewis 23 Sep 2013

Try saving in PES version 4 so that all machines can use them. I have one machine from 2001 that can only use PES up to version 4 and I suspect there are may others the same way.

by hightechgrammy 23 Sep 2013

Hi Gignac, I love your designs, but cannot use any of them in pes. I have an older machine and I need designs that are version 5. If you save them in version 5, I believe everyone who uses pes can use them. I will be so very happy to be able to use your designs! Thank You!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 23 Sep 2013

Gignac, I should also tell you, as kindly as I can, that most people only want to download designs that have been tested, and that have a photo of the actual design as it looks when it is stitched out. That may be a reason not so many people are downloading and thanking you...... You do nice work and I'm sure you just didn't know this :-)

by PatriciaVosloo 18 Jul 2013

Hi Gignac, Have you been able to re-post some of your designs in a 'lower' version of PES - as suggested by 'crosses' - see hereunder? I have noticed a couple of your cherry designs that were posted 2 days ago and I tried to open them (hoping that they might now be a lower PES version) but still could not. Would appreciate your kind assistance.
Kind wishes, Patricia

by PatriciaVosloo 16 Jul 2013

I am SO pleased that a possible solution can be found relative to the downloading of gignac's PES designs. Her designs are truly beautiful and I would love to have them. But I cannot download her PES format. I even went as far recently to having Bernina International install Artlink to try and resolve this particular problem but still not with success. I am sure that a lower version of PES will solve the problem for those of us who are struggling. Am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you.

by rosemarie2 16 Jul 2013

I use JEF format but when there is not this format available I usually download PES and then convert using Pulse Ambassador. I have, however, noticed that I am unable to open your PES files. I have got round this by downloading in HUS and then converting to my JEF format, so problem solved. Thank you for giving us your designs.

by fpark 15 Jul 2013

Je suis une qui ne peut pas oouvrir vos broderies et je suis desesperee...

by crosses 13 Jul 2013

You can do this by just saving in a lower version of pes format. When you click on the save as tab you type in your file name that you want, and then below that is another line which states the file type which is pes. Across from where is says pes there is a little arrow pointing down, click on that and 9 different versions appear from which you can choose, Use on of the lower versions and this will solve your problem, Some of the older softwares don't read the higher versions of Pes formats. Hope you can understand this.

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dennis999 by dennis999 13 Jul 2013

Wow, that is a brilliant piece of information. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it.

by pennifold 13 Jul 2013

Hi Michelle,

I've had no trouble downloading your designs in PES either. Hope it all settles out well for your. Love Chris

by dennis999 13 Jul 2013

Hi. I don't know that I am going to be much help but I love your designs and have downloaded many in the PES format without any problems at all. I also use PE Design Next but that should have no bearing upon being able to download in PES or any other format.

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gerryb by gerryb 23 Sep 2013

I can download them fine...however, can't open them!