by tonilee 08 Jul 2013

i have a question about sewing machines, not embroidery just sewing, has anyone purchased a machine that is really good,as good as they used to be not a disposable one that so many of the new machines are, i have a babylock one of the expensive models and because the tension gears are plastic it is a hunk of junk. the older machines were metal, now the question, why not just get used machines, well there are things i like on the newer models


by mops Moderator 09 Jul 2013

The last few weeks I've been using my Elna Supermatic that I bought in November 1963 as it has a knee lever instead of a foot pedal and I was a bit clumsy with my left foot (my right is in plaster). Purely mechanical, no electronics, no thrills, quite a few fancy stitches that you can use after changing circular drop in things. Metal housing, nice sound and it went through 4 layers of jeans without any problems.
But - I love my Husqvarna Ruby.

by tonilee 09 Jul 2013

thanks for all the information, i;m back to considering a older machine, i have a bernina that is 35 years old and is a good machine, but i guess the plant had some kind of fire damage a few years ago and the parts for this machine are no longer available so there i am.

by dec716 09 Jul 2013

Have a friend that bought the Brother Project Runway machine and she's very happy with and it seems to be affordable

by dec716 09 Jul 2013

have you had it checked or serviced? maybe there is something wrong with it----I have never heard a complaint on a babylock that could not be fixed

by theduchess 09 Jul 2013

The Babylock Eliazbeth is a good plain sewing machine. Has good light(although you can buy an LED light fixture and affix it to machine)
This has thread cutter not too expensive and allows you to tote it everywhere.

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theduchess by theduchess 09 Jul 2013

Forgot to add that I still sew on a Bernina 1230 and the Singer 221. No Frills, no auto threader but they sew through anything w/o any trouble. They are here until I am not.

by gramsbear 09 Jul 2013

I have a Janome single needle machine, (regular sewing) and it is 14 yrs old with much sewing of all kinds and with yearly Dr visit, it is running great! They tell me it is past time to trade up, but I feel why fix something that works great??? I really do not care for the people at the shop I bought it from, they are way to pushy, but no complaints with the machine. I forget what model it is, but I love the machine. Hugs, Judy

by spendlove Moderator 09 Jul 2013

My machine is currently in the shop for a service and I rooted out my old sewing only machine. It must be about 15 years old and although it stitches beautifully, it is noisy and clumsy and I so miss the thread cutting etc mentioned by Marianne. I'll be glad to fetch my other machine back!

by greysewist Moderator 09 Jul 2013

Two or maybe a bit more years ago I bought a Juki quilting machine for my work sewing, which is mostly sewing webbing -fairly heavy duty. It has run really well and handles the work better than the fairly recent Pfaffs that others who do this work use. One of the main benefits of newer compared to older machines is *lighting*. It makes so much difference. A few more perks such as auto thread cutting, easy alterations in needle position, drop-in bobbins etc. This machine also has a knee-lift, which is great when you need both hands to guide your work and press the reverse button, etc. On the negative side, my knee-lift needed repair after heavy use for a year and the needlethreader only likes regular sewing thread, not the more sturdy ones I use -it's a bit fiddly, anyway, so I use a manual one.

by 02kar Moderator 09 Jul 2013

I have 4 Babylock machines, all 2 years to 6 years old with heavy use. I have had no issues with tension. I cannot complain about any of them.

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dennis999 by dennis999 09 Jul 2013

Now that's what I call multi-tasking.

by nualaa 09 Jul 2013

I have a Pfaff 1473 and I have to tape the pieces together because the plastic is getting so brittle. Thank goodness for foil muffler tape, works wonders. My machine is still going strong and it is nearly 40 yrs old. It is called Ena, after my friends late wife. I have the model next to it and it is called Mary after the lady that owned it, will not part with either of them.

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lilylady by lilylady 09 Jul 2013

I used a pfaff 1220 until the elec went out of it. 30 years of service. Loved it. Then I got 3 1229 pfaff. one for me, sister and a friend. a school didn't know how to operate them, so turned them in and the pfaff dealer sold them to me for $350.00 ea ( a $1200.00 ea machine). I have been using them for everything for 30yrs. My friend offered me hers when mine was acting up, so now have 2. My sister passed away and have been trying to get the other one from my neice. They are like work horses. But my dealer doesn't know how to fix them very well. no pfaff dealer here. I do not use my baby lock for sewing, just embroidering ( hopefully it will last me a long-long time. I brought the cennitenial singer when it came out last winter, as you say a piece of plastic. wasted $500.00. It is sitting here. My whole life has been sewing and pfaffs.