by sewfrenzie 08 Jul 2013

I just want to thank SewinHuggs for the lovely paw print angels from the bottom of my heart. I made the dog paw print first and it turned out so well, I made the purple trimmed cat paw one for me. As many of you know I lost my precious Blondie to the neighbor dogs earlier this year. And my friend with the service dog just had to put him to sleep. She is devistated and the blue paw print angel brought tears to her eyes. She said she will charish it forever. So Thank you for creating them for all of us cuties!!



by capoodle 08 Jul 2013

They are a lovely memory. It is difficult to forget a pet that gave so much love.

by oaro 08 Jul 2013

very nice gift

by sewinhuggs 08 Jul 2013

I am so honor by your words. I am so very sorry for your and your friends's loss. These turned out beautifully. I have a saying, Even though that very special furbaby is no longer on earth with us in body. He or she will always be a angel in spirit and be with us in our hearts. Thankyou for making my day.

by pldc 08 Jul 2013

ah I am so sorry Dianne, our pets are our family & to loose them in such away is always devastating. I am glad that these paw designs have brought both you & your friend comfort! hugs Loralye

by 02kar Moderator 08 Jul 2013

Very special gift for a sad time.

by stellapta 08 Jul 2013

They will be cherished!