by bnilla9241 04 Jul 2013

Need some help ! I was asked to embroider a 7x7 crown of thorns to put on a wall panel for our church.

I have never done this before.
Can someone advise me as to where I can find this large design, and how to embroider it on the panel ?
I have not gotten the panel yet, it is possible the design may go up to 10x10.
Hugs, Bonnie


by bnilla9241 06 Jul 2013

Thank you all for trying to help me. I found a "Crown of Thorns" on for $2. It was just what I wanted and came in 3 sizes !!

Hugs, Bonnie

by sandyqueen 04 Jul 2013

Try this link of thorns

Hover mouse pointer over design and it tells which site has design with Design site link to take you there. To find other designs remove crown of thorns and put in what you are searching for ex hearts, butterfly, and on and on.



dennis999 by dennis999 04 Jul 2013

A very very useful link.

bnilla9241 by bnilla9241 05 Jul 2013

Thank you for the link. I have to look further for a much larger crown of thorns.

Hugs, Bonnie

by dennis999 04 Jul 2013

Hello Bonnie. I presume that you are looking for a design for machine embroidery. There are numerous designs available but I've not found any that would get you up to a 10 x 10 size. None of the designs I have found are free! I have put in the links below to three sites and would comment on these as follows:

1. Embroidery Designs: There is a design costing $12 which measures 5.8" x 7.9" which you will find under the code GSD01-HOG291 which is actually from Grand Slam Designs. There are other designs but all are much smaller.

2. Windstar Embroidery: The link below should take you straight to the right page for a design that is available in a number of sizes dependant upon the machine being used and the format. The maximum size listed is 6.4" x 7.6"

3. Ann the Gran: Has a design measuring 4.8" x 4.5" (Code SB01-CD02261OTQ @ $8.95.

Hope this helps.

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bnilla9241 by bnilla9241 05 Jul 2013

Thank you very much for the links ! I need to search further.
Hugs, Bonnie