by sammi10 24 Jun 2013

#1 Handtowel w/ 3D flower, #2 Parts to the flower sewn on organza

#3 Bath towel & handtowel , the stem and leaves are embroidered directly onto towels then 3D flowers are assembled and tacked down. Some petals are left curled to give real look affect. Haven't decided on whether or not to put anything on the face cloth. Any suggestions.
Advanced Design has nice 3D flowers, I had the stem and leaves from Viking, I deleted the flower that came with the design so as to use my 3D flower, made some changes to the stem and leaves for the hand towel. It was so easy to change and delete parts I didn't want to use....thanks Embird, LOL


by stella1 25 Jun 2013

It is very excellent nice and so beautiful love the colors onthe towels very great and beautiful job

by pennyhal 25 Jun 2013

These are so lovely in their simplicty and fabric used. The show up really well on the white towels. Do they survive the washing machine?

by basketkase 25 Jun 2013

Fabulous design and stitchout!

by oaro 25 Jun 2013

looks beautiful

by spendlove Moderator 25 Jun 2013

Lovely - I'm a big fan of 3D applique!

by myrizun 25 Jun 2013

Very cute design

by highlandermom 24 Jun 2013

Very pretty

by lulu07 24 Jun 2013

Beautiful towel, great work! Hopefully they will just be "show" towels, too pretty to be

by drh2276 24 Jun 2013

Very beautiful towels!

by capoodle 24 Jun 2013

The design is beautifully made.

by bumblebee 24 Jun 2013

I love it.

bumblebee by bumblebee 24 Jun 2013 has a designer - a bit of stitch-with some nice flattish organza flowers that would work

bumblebee by bumblebee 24 Jun 2013

Embroidery shoppe at also has some flattish organza flowers

by cfidl 24 Jun 2013

Stitch Delight has a rose lapel that is similar to this. We will be seeing a lot more of this technique. Great job, I have my pieces, I am waiting for a working machine. (ugh)

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cfidl by cfidl 24 Jun 2013

dzgn has a free filled 3Dorganza pansy if anyone is interested.

by susiesembroidery 24 Jun 2013

It looks really lovely!!

by 02kar Moderator 24 Jun 2013

You did a wonderful job with this set.

by arlene 24 Jun 2013

very pretty. flowers are wonderful

by noah 24 Jun 2013

Awesome this would be fun to try love it hugs

by pldc 24 Jun 2013

lovely a job well done! I'm guessing wash by hand & it will stay this lovely right? hugs Loralye

by karenjay 24 Jun 2013

This looks wonderful - thanks for showing the individual parts too