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by kylasm ( edited 18 Jun 2013 ) 18 Jun 2013

Project Linus, making blankets for children in need. Several free patterns for quilt, afghan or blanket to keep or donate, including a pattern for weighted blankets for children with sensory disorder.


by clawton 22 Jun 2013

A worth while organization. I have been working with students at a High School since 2004 making blankets and quilts. I have personally been able to make a lot through the years. Although retired now I still volunteer to help the teacher that took over the club. My goal is to personally make at least 100. I'm a little over 3/4's of the way to that goal!

by cj2sew 22 Jun 2013

I meet once a month with about 15 ladies and we spend the day sewing. I have learned more about quilting there than at sewing classes. Our quilt guild makes about 65 quilts a year. Everything is donated - supplies, quilting, time, etc. I had never bothered to look at patterns/links page. Thank you for the info.

by eyeztodiefor10 19 Jun 2013

Thank you tons and tons! I had been using quilter's cache for my quilt block finds but this page has so much more! I'm so tickled you posted this! What a mountain of good info! Thank you sew very much for sharing!

by pennifold 18 Jun 2013

Well I've just spent the past half hour reading all about one of the ladies called Michele Bilyeu and her quilts for The Alzheimer's Association. I always love to read about it as that is what my father died from.

Thanks so much for the link Kyla - it is amazing. Love and blessings Chris

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jun 2013

Thanks for sharing. It is a worthy charity to get involved in.