by lena8350 17 Jun 2013

I have a dream....... but i must build a wall! lol!!!!


by michemb 20 Jun 2013

Il faut pas arreter de rever Lena, un jour peut-être. Je suis trés chanceuse d'avoir une belle salle de couture ainsi qu'on marie qui me fait plaisir en fabricant ce support à fil.
passe une belle journée.
Michelle de Montréal
One should never stop dreaming, maybe someday. I am very fortunate to have a nice sewing room and a wonderful husband who built me a wonderful thread rack.
hugs to all

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lena8350 by lena8350 20 Jun 2013

bonjour Michelle,
Je pense devoir me contenter de ce que j'ai! En France, nous avons des maisons moins spacieuses que chez vous! Tout cela n'est pas grave, l'essentiel c'est le plaisir que l'on a à créer même dans un petit coin! En tout cas toutes mes félicitations à votre bricoleur de mari! mes amitiés!

by lena8350 20 Jun 2013

it's was a comment after the publication of michemb 30 Jul 2012. i don't know it's not at the right place....

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spendlove by spendlove 20 Jun 2013

It all becomes clear now!

by KrystynasWorld 19 Jun 2013

Building a castle?

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lena8350 by lena8350 20 Jun 2013

Why not? In another life... i think! lol!

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Jun 2013

An embroidered wall?

by spendlove Moderator 18 Jun 2013

Explain please!

dennis999 by dennis999 18 Jun 2013

I'm glad that someone had the courage to ask!

cfidl by cfidl 18 Jun 2013

definetely over my head!

ansalu by ansalu 18 Jun 2013

Me too ;o)

lena8350 by lena8350 20 Jun 2013

I explain: it's a wonderfull idea... but my sewing room is 9 m2 ( I do not know how much it makes in your metric system,i'm frech) there is a window, 3 walls fitted out by shelves, on another one a big cupboard, a door necessarily, more the whole kit and caboodle incasable and a collection of a whole life of fabrics, laces, thread to knit, embroidery threads of all kinds and I pass .brief everything is full and when I am there nobody else can enter! Then I tidy up my reels in storage furniture with drawers, and this beautiful work would not find its place there! My congratulations all the same!

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Jun 2013

Oh how I understand this and your sewing room sounds like mine