by kylasm 16 Jun 2013

I slept in late today, not up and rushing to check for new free designs but checking my email when I see an email from one of my Yahoo groups. The owner needed anyone with a Paypal to send her their email address so she could send them $4 to go to her site and try to buy any $3 design, download and keep it for themselves to test her new site. It was a couple hours old but I sent my info. I got paid $1 to download a cute bear design! Even the unlucky can have a lucky moment sometimes......


by kylasm 17 Jun 2013

It was Ms. Linda Watts, I am registered at her site, a member of her Yahoo group and she has been a member here long before me. I trust her, she's a very nice lady who wanted to make sure the ordering process at her new site was working correctly.

by marianb 16 Jun 2013

Please be careful, if you have joined their yahoo group the they have your email address already, they wouldn't need to ask for it.. but on the brighter side of life terrific, new design for nothing....

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by AuntAnnie edited 16 Jun 2013

I agree with muffy. A coupon code could have been exchanged rather than true funds. Also, Yahoo is notoriously bad about security issues.

by muffy 16 Jun 2013

I don't want to sound like a negative Nellie but I would watch your Pay Pal account for any unauthorized charges. Sounds a little odd to me.
Muffy :)

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Jun 2013

Congratulations on getting the design and now enjoy sewing it out