by stillbehind 12 Jun 2013

6-12-13 I have a digitizing request. This was requested by my son/grandson. They think Mom/Grandma can do anything...NOT I am in need of:

all centered in the hoop I need this in "sofachrome" font whick is a TTF found here....
I use PES and have hoop sizes 4x4 and 5x7.
I would need 1 done for the 4x4 (polos/tees) and one done for the 5x7 frame (suitable for fleece blankets).
Any help for this project will be greatly appreciated....actually indebted for life! LOL
Any me at
Thanks for considering my request.
Ellen in Las Vegas (stillbehind)


by christief 14 Jun 2013

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by christief 13 Jun 2013

email sent

Christie in Germany

stillbehind by stillbehind 13 Jun 2013

Sorry to say I did not get an e-mail from you.
Ellen in Las Vegas

christief by christief 14 Jun 2013

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by spendlove Moderator 13 Jun 2013

Sorry, I can't help. Please don't put your email address in your posts like this it will be harvested by the spammers and you will be inundated with unwanted mail.

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stillbehind by stillbehind 13 Jun 2013

Thank you for the reminder!
Ellen in Las Vegas