by kryztyna 11 Jun 2013

Hi and Good morning from a cold Johannesburg. Help! I need this design digitized as an applique. It is to go on a jacket I want to wear to a dance. It will be appliqued in a shimmering blue metalic material onto georgette and the red will be metalic embroidery for definition. The outside satin stitch must be wide and will be black. Hoop size I will use is 240 x200 but any size will do I can resize. I have digitizer ex jnr and I have not been able to manage to digitize this as an applique. Any help and suggestions most welcome. Thanks. Hugs Christine


by spendlove Moderator 11 Jun 2013

Something like this?

mops by mops 11 Jun 2013


spendlove by spendlove 11 Jun 2013

Tricky around the head though - the satin stitch had to be narrower.

mops by mops 11 Jun 2013

Yes, and for the georgette not too dense either.

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jun 2013

Nicely done!

kryztyna by kryztyna 11 Jun 2013

Oh wow oh owow owowowowow. That is fabulous!

kryztyna by kryztyna 19 Jun 2013

Thanks Sue. This stitched out beautifully! Will post pictures once I have made the top. Thanks again.

by eggyannie 11 Jun 2013

If you get this done would you like to share it as i would love this on the back of a black body warmer. good luck with it

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kryztyna by kryztyna 11 Jun 2013

I will certainly put it up. And I will send photos.. Hold thumbs