by pldc 08 Jun 2013

this is a mastectomy pillow for my cousin who has had a lumpectomy. the pattern is free from Embroidery Library & it comes with the breast cancer design too. I have read that it is better not to have a design on as it can be uncomfortable rubbing against your skin so I did not add one. It is carried like a purse. I used a breast cancer scarf for the tie. she will have the full mastectomy in the late fall early winter. Thanks to capoodle for the link.


by rescuer Moderator 09 Jun 2013

Lovely gift!

by thseabreze 09 Jun 2013

I am wondering how these are actually used, does anyone know?

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thseabreze by thseabreze 09 Jun 2013

ok I found the answer.

by highlandermom 09 Jun 2013

I never heard of these and this is timely. I am about to take my Mother in for mastectomy. We are waiting for surgeon to let us know when. My Mother has had lymphoma cancer twice and now breast. Thanks for the link.

pldc by pldc 09 Jun 2013

my prayers are with you & your family Mary, it does help her & I hope it will help your mother too. Hugs Loralye

rescuer by rescuer 09 Jun 2013

I am so sorry Mary. I will add your family to my prayers.

jrob by jrob 10 Jun 2013

As will I.

by rsloan 08 Jun 2013

Jun 8, 2013 -- Fantastic! I've never heard of these and I love the idea. I think I'll be making these in the future too.

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

thanks so very much, they are pretty quick & easy & do bring much needed comfort too. Hugs Loralye

by mnladyus 08 Jun 2013

Never heard of these. Very nice and very thoughtful gift.

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

it was new to me too. But she LOVED it & was so happy that I made it for her it brought tears to both of us! Hugs Loralye

by olds 08 Jun 2013

What kind and thoughtful gift. I had made some heart shape pillows for the local cancer society here. They give them away for free to anyone who wants one.I got the pattern you have mention here a few years ago and made the crescent shape one and had the lady in charge of the local RSVP take it to the cancer society. They have to approve and they loved it. I liked the idea of putting in a zipper so that the person can adjust the thicknest of the pillow and then little girls would love it to play with or stuff their pj's. I embroided the butterfly on mine and I thought about it afterwards and I think I would leave it off. Definitely Do Not Do in Pink. I have been there, done that and don't like to advertise. My son wanted me to go speak to a group about being a cancer survivor and I refused. Next Feb. will be 10 years and I'm blessed it was found with a reg. mammogram.

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

yeh see I have been clear for 36 yrs & I am very thankful too but I have no problem wearing the pink. She was very happy & I am glad that I could do this for her. Hugs Loralye

by capoodle 08 Jun 2013

The crown fabric is a nice touch and the soft scarf is extra special. I do hope it will be able to give her some comfort after the surgery.

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

me too, she is finding it difficult to sleep now so she was very happy to get it. Hugs & a big fat thank you for I could not have made it for her without you! Hugs Loralye

by oaro 08 Jun 2013

What a nice gift

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

thanks Maria Hugs Loralye

by noah 08 Jun 2013

wowwwwwwwwww never heard of such things but i don't even know anyone with or had cancer .
Your kind to makes these for her God Bless u double hugs carolyn

pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

thanks Carolyn but you know me. I am glad that I am your only one LOL hugs Loralye

noah by noah 09 Jun 2013

Yes u are my one and only lol and i am sew thank-ful u are better Praise God for that!!!

by dragonflyer 08 Jun 2013

I am sure that this will bring her great comfort...prayers for her...

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

thanks my friend Hugs Loralye

by pldc 08 Jun 2013

I am sorry I forgot to put the link for those who made want this pattern & design

by 02kar Moderator 08 Jun 2013

I am sure she will be singing your praises for this wonderful gift.

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pldc by pldc 08 Jun 2013

thanks Karen she did mention that she thought it would help so I will be glad that it does. hugs Loralye