by arsenio 07 Jun 2013


I had seen a picture of Husqvarna diamond embrodiery machine shown threading done for big thread scoops . Thread was held with a peg. Can anyone please post this article for me.
Thank you. God bless.


by arsenio 08 Jun 2013


The article is about old thread stand written by Lidia . She has a Husqvarna Topaz 30. Pls the article of (lidiad 17 Apr 2012).

Sorry you all got me wrong. I found this article very useful. Now I have no problems with my Designer Diamond Deluxe.

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lidiad by lidiad 09 Jun 2013

Hi, arsenio, I have posted that article with a photo showing a laundry peg attached to the top open cover of my topaz 30, but it wasn't a good idea. As I recall, meganne has written then, make the thread pass inside the peg could be dangerous, and I agree with her. We don't need a peg, just place the thread that comes from the stand behind the machine on the open cover of the machine. I am unable to show a photo of my machine because I'm am overseas now , but when I return home, I will post a picture.

Hugs, lidia

by bagelgirl 07 Jun 2013

this is a large spool thread holder I use

by sewist1 07 Jun 2013

I think this is again a misunderstanding of what is being asked. I think Arsenio is asking for a link or at least where the page can be found.

by AuntAnnie 07 Jun 2013

It is against copyright law to repost (copy and paste) an article from one website to another without permission to do so. It is okay to post the link to website from where the article originated.

by gerryb 07 Jun 2013

Haven't seen the article, but you can go to the Husqvarna website & see what things are available. I set my big spools on an old CD thing the new CD's come on. Then just set that to the side or back. However, I DO have a thing that fits over the upright spool that will guide the thread up thru a loop to hold it up in the air. I know this is not really easy to follow, I'm sorry!

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 07 Jun 2013

So what's the "thing" that fits over the spool that guides the thread up through a loop" to hold it? I got the whole CD thing...but not the "thingy" that guides and holds the thread...