by claudenicolas 06 Jun 2013

Hi cuties

Look to this beautiful gift that I have received for my birthday, from my secret sister.This heart embroidered is very nice, and and I love the colour blue. I have already put a work of sewing in the bag, The card has also nice blue embroider. Thank you to my secret sister, I enjoy all that very much.


by maelyn1308 07 Jun 2013

Very pretty gift. well done SS

by mrskiki 07 Jun 2013

Great bag for the market and love the heart design. Way to go SS. Hugs. Nan W

by castelyn 07 Jun 2013

Happy Birthday Claude, sorry I missed it. What a lovely gift you received from your SS. Thanks for showing. Hugs Yvonne

by cfidl 06 Jun 2013

How wonderful! good gift SS!

by dennis999 06 Jun 2013

Well, that was very kind and thoughtful of someone and you are obviously delighted with your gift. A wonderful example of the Sisterhood here at Cute. I'm very pleased for you.

by laffma1 06 Jun 2013

I have always liked that heart design, but haven't yet had a project to use it. Your SS has given me some ideas now. This is a lovey birthday gift, and I hope you enjoy using the bag for many more years to come. Congratulations!!

by rescuer Moderator 06 Jun 2013

Very nice gift! It was kind of your SS to send you a gift using your favorite color. Thank you for showing us all.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Jun 2013

A lovely gift Claude

by 02kar Moderator 06 Jun 2013

What a lovely gift.

by zoefzoef 06 Jun 2013

a very lovely gift indeed . Well done SS !

by spendlove Moderator 06 Jun 2013

That is a really beautiful gift, Claude. A bit rude of your SS to get your age wrong though! (LOL)

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cfidl by cfidl 06 Jun 2013

I did not catch that! Lol!