by mel08 04 Jun 2013

Do any of you know where I might find a realistic digitizing of a rose? I do not need photostitch. I will be making custom bridal party tote bags, and they have requested roses on each bag. The fabric is a mid-weight poly-silk.

Thanks. :-)


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by mpo14011 edited 05 Jun 2013

Tea Tree Embroideries has some really nice roses on Embroidery Passbook. If the colours don't suit, they can always be changed.Both sets are on special for half price.
The bottom picture is a the stitch out of one of the designs.

by noah 04 Jun 2013

there is one in or at you embroidery .com free by our very own cutie go look hugs

by AuntAnnie 04 Jun 2013

DBS has some lovely roses. $2.00 per set.
Embroidery Library has many sets and individual designs available.

by vickiannette 04 Jun 2013

consider the idea of Applique embroidery. It makes roses look nice.

by rescuer Moderator 04 Jun 2013

Ms. Veronika has some on Amazing Embroidery Designs. I am not sure how well they would stitch out on the fabric you are using. I would suggest using a cut-away as a backing. I think she has done a great job on all of them and I usually do not like the roses digitized by other sites.