by bnilla9241 30 May 2013

I have some sad news. Today, 5-30-13, my son had to put his 13 y/o German Shepherd to sleep. He had multiple problems.

I was in the Vet's office with the dog, Shadow, and my son.
Shadow passed quietly and I started to cry a bit. When I got to my car, I was really upset, not because Shadow was gone, but because my son was so sad.
Josh wanted to be alone with Shadow for about 30 minutes and he came out with red eyes and tears running down his face.
Can you say a prayer for Josh and me?
Hugs, Bonnie


by rmj8939 02 Jun 2013

I am so sorry for you both.

by airyfairy 02 Jun 2013

I am so sorry to hear this Bonnie. That is a great age for a GS. My thoughts are with you and Josh. Hugs Sarah.

by debswebster 31 May 2013

Oh dear....makes me weep too. So sorry for you both. Will he consider getting another fur baby soon? I have been through this myself, I waited patiently for the right moment and I felt so much better when I found another baby to love. Big hugs, xxxxx

by joansatx 31 May 2013

Absolutely. I've been in that room, too.The vet said we could stay as long as we wanted. The vet very gently took the dog from my son's arms when he was ready along with the favorite blanket. When I went to pick up the ashes of dog and blanket, they gave me his paw print in an organza bag with a note. This was my first dog, too. I'm still feel so good about all the kindness. My son still has the leash hanging at his front door. I embroidered a pillow for him about their friendship. I feel your sadness. More prayers.

by pcteddyb 31 May 2013

Sorry for your family's loss. Pets are family too.

by zoefzoef 31 May 2013

It is so hard to lose an animal. They are your best friend ever and give true friendship, I guess that's one of the many reasons why I it so hard. Keep all those nice moments in your heart, so he is not really gone. Big hug sent to you and your son

by gramsbear 30 May 2013

I'm so sorry that had to happen. Been there and that doesn't help the sorrow when a Pet is so loved. Praying for all of you who loved Shadow. Hugs, Judy

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 May 2013

Oh dear. I know how your son feels. I had to put down 2 German Shepherds over the years and my current one is about eight years old. All our 4 legged friends are part of the family and the decision we have to make on behalf of them is so difficult. They are such faithful friends with nothing but unconditional love. I will say a prayer for you two. Being moms it is hard to see our children be sad.
Hug for you.

by noah 30 May 2013

yes i sure will hugs Carolyn

by sdrise 30 May 2013

Prayers are with you and my sympathies on your lost family member. So sad. They are so important in your lives. Suzanne

by pennifold 30 May 2013

We were at my Mum's vet yesterday and were prepared for Sophie to be put down. The vet has given her a reprieve and she is on some pain medication for her spine and joints. We will have to wait and see how long this will help. I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved pet. It is always heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you. Love and blessings Chris

by arlene 30 May 2013

so sorry, it is sad when we lose a pet we have had so long. you and your son will be in my prayers.

by haleymax 30 May 2013

So sorry. It is hard to lose a family pet.