by basketkase 22 May 2013

OK, cuties, got some new stuff I am messing with. It is called Monkey Grip and it is heat transfer vinyl..this is my very first experiment with it and I wanted some of the dragonflies to be on it and a little off it, but I didn't line it up right when I stitched it....old top, so doesn't matter...I just wanted to show you this as it is another media to use and it looks awesome when done right. I used my Decoflies design on top of the heat transfer, I will do a video on this sometime and put it up on my website.......I can see using this at Christmas with design...Wow factor!! The design is over one shoulder so you can see it from front and back.......Thanks for looking!


by lidiad 15 Oct 2013

Well, I see a work of art, love it!
Hugs, Lidia

by dragonflyer edited 14 Oct 2013

Love this, Vicki...honestly would not have known that there was a placement issue...even after you pointed it out! Thanks for explaining the Monkey Grip..

by ajmmjs 20 Jul 2013

you come up with the most terriffic ideas!!!! thanks for showing us. lynne

by pldc 18 Jul 2013

I agree Vicki WOW! hugs Loralye

by rosakent 18 Jul 2013


by Sewbeeit3 18 Jul 2013

Looks GREAT! I love your work! I was wondering if you have any Freebies or some to purchase,of runners,running shoes,wings on the shoes,hurdles on small track area,batons,Starting line,Finishing line...maybe with timing clock first place medals or gold silver bronze.......Not much to as it? My husband is a runner...always has competitively. Would love to find some anywhere.Thanks if you can help. AND always Thanks for your Freebies!!! You should be proud of your work. Also...I have a black cat too and he looks so much like yours.

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basketkase by basketkase 20 Jul 2013

Hi........send me a PM and we can exchange emails, then we can talk about your needs.......

by muffy 26 May 2013

Just a thought....they do make a clear iron on vinyl made to iron onto fabric and to sew. If you have some pretty lame or glittery fabric you could get something of the same look without the cost and can use what fabric you have in stock. Anyway just something to think about.
Muffy :)

by rsloan 24 May 2013

May 24,, 2013 - What error ??? I think it's beautiful.

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basketkase by basketkase 24 May 2013

AWWW...thank you!

by muffy 24 May 2013

Here's another site to purchase heat transfer vinyl. Not sure if the prices are better or not.
Muffy :)

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basketkase by basketkase 24 May 2013

The only thing you need to find out from any other company if is the vinyl you are buying stitchabel after it is ironed on you fabric. At the show I went to, the vendors that had vinyl told me it was not stitchable.....they didn't say why.......that is why I got excited about the MG, because it can be used the way we need it to be......

by fcgrouchy 24 May 2013

Where did you buy the product (Monkey Grip)?

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mops by mops 24 May 2013

Auntie posted a link, lower down this page.

by mops Moderator 24 May 2013

This looks great, Vicky! The monkey grip looks great.
What sort of cutter did you buy? I'm looking at the Silhouette cameo and thought with the software it would turn out cheaper than the cricut where you need cartridges. Any hints?

basketkase by basketkase 24 May 2013

Yes, Martine, that is what I bought the Sihouette Cameo and I upgraded the software which we need to do for what we want to use it for. You can import into the upgraded software jpg's & vectors from your embroidery digitizing software and all kinds of stuff! I got mine on Overstock with awesome price on Mega bundle and I had a coupon for 15% off to boot....even got the software upgrade through OS.......

undecided by undecided 15 Oct 2013

mmmm....I had to upgrade after spending the money on the cricut :(

I have the expression and 6 carts. but if I sell it used, probably only get $75 :( so it sits in its box, basically used it for about 5 hours, but not worth the hassle of selling. Should something happen to my good cutter, I can use this one.

the cartridges are VERY limiting. that said, you can still do a lot with them, you can no longer get software to do as you please, although there is the Craftroom, online software that you can use to manually create things from basic shapes. and because a lot of people do upgrade, if you want to just dabble, look for a used one, they are everywhere.

by justsew 23 May 2013

Thank you I think this is Fantastic.
Hugs Pam.

by amritz01 23 May 2013


by jrob Moderator 23 May 2013

I'd have never picked up on an error either. Art is subjective. ;)
Looking forward to your video and do please share with us where you found your monkey grip.

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basketkase by basketkase 23 May 2013

Jerilyn.....scroll down to "auntie" underneath here, she has put a link to the company that I purchased from.....and you are so right about art being subjective!! Thank you!

by pennifold 23 May 2013

Don't see any mistake here, just sewers licence! It looks fabulous, very ingenious to see something like this. Thanks for showing us, love and blessings Chris

by BabyAbyss 23 May 2013

this looks great! id love to see the video to see how its done!

by Ada 23 May 2013

thank you for sharing - great idea!

by chefin 23 May 2013

Well done Looks Great hugs

by marianb 22 May 2013

Very interesting! will have to check out next craft show in Sydney to see if they have this here

by buffy1 22 May 2013

looks great to me!

by kanny 22 May 2013

I think it looks great just the way it is, real artistic flare about it.

by almag 22 May 2013

What I really like is that you've told and shown us your mistake so we will be more careful when placing the design, but we'll know what it will look like if we also have a placement hiccup. I wouldn't have recognised it as a mistake - just one dragonfly over another's wing and rather artistic.... I like it. It looks spectacular and, I agree, it has Christmas-time promise. No doubt about it.... you have real talent and can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge.

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basketkase by basketkase 22 May 2013

Thanks so much for the kudos.....I wanted so bad to share it with you all, that I hoped you'd understand the placement error...LOL! I have the red glitter and silver glitter to play with next....oh boy!!

by bevintex 22 May 2013

do you need a special machine to cut the stuff?

by oaro 22 May 2013

beautiful project

by cfidl 22 May 2013

Fantastic stuff. Can hardly wait for more information. It has even more durability than angelina fibers and tons of sparkle!

by joansatx 22 May 2013

Big Wow! I'll be watching your video.

by susiesembroidery 22 May 2013

Beautiful!! I look forward to your video as this is a new medium for me. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.

by myrizun 22 May 2013


by rescuer Moderator 22 May 2013

I think it is beautiful!

by dennis999 22 May 2013

Ah, Auntie beat me to it posting the link. I have also looked at a number of reviews from people using this product on T-shirts, etc., which have been very positive. Several comments stated that it was cheaper than similar products available through companies like Stahls.

I also viewed the axiomamerica main site and discovered some wonderful embroidery machine gadgets that I have not seen before.

basketkase by basketkase 22 May 2013

Yes, Dennis, that is where I purchased it from "Axiomamerica" I can't wait to get beyond the learning curve with it, I also have a new vinyl cutting machine that I am tryting to learn the software and ins and outs of as well........

dennis999 by dennis999 22 May 2013

With your skills, I am sure that you will soon have it mastered. I recently sold the machine I had simply because it proved that I am too thick to understand the

by sewdeb 22 May 2013

So cool, Vicki! It's stunning!

by auntie 22 May 2013

Very cool! This is what I found through Google. Thanks for sharing!

sewdeb by sewdeb 22 May 2013

Thanks for the link!

basketkase by basketkase 22 May 2013

Thanks, Auntie...this is where I purchased it. I saw them at a show and that is how I learned about it. They had cut out a shoe in different colors with the mirrored looking stuff and then applied it on top of each other to build the shoe and it was gorgeous!

by dennis999 22 May 2013

Interesting product.

by tilde01 22 May 2013

That is beautiful.

by babsie 22 May 2013

It looks lovely, very unique.

by means 22 May 2013

Love the concept..appreciate you sharing and will look forward to the video on your site. This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

by capoodle 22 May 2013

Awesome effect it makes with layering of the design over the vinyl. Looks like this stuff melts right into the the fabric.

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basketkase by basketkase 22 May 2013

It is kind of like a rubbery vinyl and it does become part of the fabric......Can be washed and ironed (inside out of course)

by highlandermom 22 May 2013

Love the dragonflies and you got my curious nature going. Like the shine, also how does it feel and how does it come out from being laundered.

by sigrun 22 May 2013

This is cool as it is, Vicki.

by noah 22 May 2013

Oh my i love it Something new to think about.Where did u buy that??Hugs Carolyn

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basketkase by basketkase 22 May 2013

I'd mail you some, but can' t afford the $20 postage...LOL!!

by bevintex 22 May 2013

I want some but where do you get it? Googled it and got everything but heat transfer vinyl. Is there a website?

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basketkase by basketkase 22 May 2013

Yes, Bev, see above, someone has put a link to the distributor where I bought it. The gal I work with there is Jeannie Belk and she is awesome!!!