by mi30kaja 21 May 2013

Owl Coasters. I have just finished these two coasters. I have not yet dampened them to dissolve the Washaway. The Lacey one is the base from a Christmas coaster from DollarStitch obtained years ago and I have no idea where the base from the other came from but I am not happy with it as it is too dense. The Owl is from Which one do you like the best?


by basketkase 24 Jun 2013

Great design and terrific stitchout!

by kezza2sew 24 Jun 2013

I love the one with curved edge,,,my favourite.

by blueeyedblonde 24 Jun 2013

they look great!

by lenamae 23 Jun 2013

hugs Lenamae

by noah 23 Jun 2013

Awesome job your new baby sews well hugs

by jeanette123 23 Jun 2013


by marianb 22 May 2013

They are both very nice but if i had to choose i'd pick the scallop egde one, maybe if the other was a bit bigger it looks cramped..

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 23 May 2013

Think it is the way I have taken the photo.

by buffy1 22 May 2013

both are very cute but I like the lacy one the best

by bejoscha 22 May 2013

Very nice! I like the yellow eyes.

by ajmmjs 21 May 2013

love the coasters! the scalloped edge is my fave. keep up the good work!!!

by rsehorse 21 May 2013

Very cute coasters. I like the scalloped edge one best. I like to put different designs together to create something new too. Hugs, Susan

by noah 21 May 2013

I like the second one best but there both nice .So happy your new machine sews well hugs

by highlandermom 21 May 2013

Both look great. I like round for coaster or square.

by oaro 21 May 2013

Both coaster are beautiful

by rescuer Moderator 21 May 2013

You have done a great job and I like the owl.
To answer your question
The circle looks most like a coaster to me, but the other looks more decorative. It is too bad the circle is too dense to sit flat. Maybe you could use a heavier stabilizer or double up the one you are using -- if you decide to use the circle for your coasters.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 21 May 2013

It will be OK when I have wast the Washaway out and press it with an iron

by bahet21 21 May 2013

Both are great, but I like the bottom one. It looks like an owl in a cloud.

by sewilso 21 May 2013

I like both, the top is more tailored and formal and the bottom is more frilly I think, but both are equally charming. Very nice!!!

by 02kar Moderator 21 May 2013

I like them both: the round one because it looks the size and shape of a coaster, the larger one because it looks brighter. The size and shape makes it perfect to use as both a coaster and a small doily.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 21 May 2013

They are both made with the same threads. I was surprised how much they shrank when dampening them.

by cfidl 21 May 2013

Of course I like the lacey one, swirls, scallops and swags, The 3 s's. Beautiful owl, Isn't it FSL on it's own?

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 21 May 2013

Yes it is but I have someone wanted coasters with an owl.

cfidl by cfidl 21 May 2013

I am so glad to know that it is not too thick, did you have to adjust the pattern by ommitting any stitches?