by dennis999 17 May 2013

Embroidery Designs for Zippered Jackets:

I've been Googling away for the past couple of hours trying to find embroidery websites that offer designs specifically for zippered jackets, where the design is divided equally between the two sides of the zipper. So far I have only found Embroidery Library and they only offer a few designs for applique work which I don't want. I am not asking for anyone to spend their time looking on my behalf but if anyone knows of a design supplier which offers split designs for fill stitch, I would be very grateful to hear from you. Many thanks.


by rescuer Moderator 17 May 2013

Here's a place to begin...I will see if I can find other sites.

dennis999 by dennis999 18 May 2013

Thank you rescuer. Ebroidery Library is the only site I have found but unfortunately their split designs are only for applique which I am trying to avoid. I have continued looking myself but without success. I don't think these sites cater for awkward people like

rescuer by rescuer 18 May 2013

Not just "awkward" people...I am having trouble finding designs that are split the right way. Perhaps it is my reading comprehension skills -- as I failed to either read your post completely or to see that all the designs they offer are applique.
There are a few programs out there that will split any (or most) design(s). You seem to be adept at learning new things (except how to stay out of trouble with your wife and others lol) so you might be able to quickly learn a new program.

by pennifold 17 May 2013

Hi Dennis, I don't know of any specific site that offers just designs for zippers, but I'm sure you could edit out some designs that were vertical, cut and paste them and place them back on the other side perfectly. Other than that there are some split designs on Urban Threads, but may be a bit too frilly if it's for you. Love Chris

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dennis999 by dennis999 18 May 2013

Hi Chris, Thanks for the feedback. I did have a look at Urban Threads and you are I think I may have to go down a different route. Did you finish the crosswords?

by jobaby 17 May 2013

That is the only site I know of, but they used to have fill designs, too.

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dennis999 by dennis999 18 May 2013

Many thanks for your advice.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 May 2013

Sorry Dennis I have no ideas at all but I expect someone will

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dennis999 by dennis999 17 May 2013

Thank you.