by marianamin2003 14 May 2013

This is the first project I'm posting. I made this wall hanging for my husband's birthday. He loves everything nautical. I used old jeans for the squares. Designs are from Emb Library.


by nualaa 17 May 2013

This is great. I am sure he will be surprised and love it.

by greytgirl 17 May 2013

What a thoughtful birthday gift for your husband! I love that you stitched it on denim. Gives it a masculine touch!

by zedna 16 May 2013

Very well done!

by rescuer Moderator 16 May 2013

Great job!

by chefin 15 May 2013

Looks nice Great idea with Old Jeans

by means 14 May 2013

This is awesome. Your husband has to love it. I love the idea of it being on jean fabric.

by buffy1 14 May 2013

great job

by blueeyedblonde 14 May 2013

this looks great! my hubby would love this! I really like it done on the jeans - makes a great background!

by noah 14 May 2013

Love them my brother loves ships great job hugs

by asterixsew Moderator edited 14 May 2013

A stunning piece of work and I love the fact you used old jeans to make it from. Congratulations on your first posting and I look forward to seeing what you do next

by babsie 14 May 2013

It is lovely.

by marianamin2003 14 May 2013

Thank you all very much! I am always inspired by projects posted on this website. Xoxo

by oaro 14 May 2013

What a great idea

by basketkase 14 May 2013

What a great piece to start posting your projects with.....this one is fabulous!

by pldc 14 May 2013

well done this is terrific!

by emanuille 14 May 2013

I love it great job

by highlandermom 14 May 2013

Love the ships and the denim a great idea.

by Nanasings 14 May 2013

Wow, great job - I love the embroidery choices and recycling jeans was a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

by pennifold 14 May 2013

Great job and I especially love the sailing ships. Well done for your first posting too! Love and blessings Chris

by laffma1 14 May 2013

Well done!! He's going to love it - so masculine and ocean-worthy, with the blues and nautical theme.

by lilylady 14 May 2013

this project turned out very nice. love your choices of designs and materials

by edithfarminer 14 May 2013

What a great idea to use old jeans. Love nautical things too. Great result

by dennis999 14 May 2013

A very nice piece of work. I like the way that you have graded the shades of denim within the design.

by pat111otter 14 May 2013

Brilliant! What a good idea also to put some old jeans to good use. I've got a pile of denim bits, which I will turn into a tote bag, when I get around to it!

by baldacchino 14 May 2013

Thank you for sharing your first project what agood job you have done

by cfidl 14 May 2013

Beautiful! The colors and fabric and designs are all wonderful! Thanks for sharing your 1st project.