by dennis999 13 May 2013

My First Project Here On Cute:

I thought I would share with you ladies a gift I made for a lady friend of ours. Sharon is a domestic cleaner and visits us every Monday and I am always joking with her about the cobwebs she misses. So, I made this tabard for her and embroidered the two sides as you will see.

Pictures (1,2 & 3) are of the front. The top embroidery is by our very own and talented Basketkase Designs (thank you Vicki) and on the pocket by Embroidery Library. The font is from Brother and the words are my own.

Pictures (4,5 & 6) are of the rear of the tabard. The upper embroidery is a combination of designs by Embroidery Library, whilst the lower font is again by Brother and words by me.

I presented this to Sharon this morning by placing the tabard over her without her seeing the rear design. She is very pleased with it, although completely unaware of the message, etc., on the back. If I am not posting later today, please send cards and flowers to my local hospital!


by buffy1 30 Jul 2013


by mysew1325 30 Jul 2013

pretty cute..

by sewilso 30 Jul 2013

playful apron!!! looks very nice!!

by snowbird42 30 Jul 2013

don't like spiders but I love the humour...soozie

by teun 30 Jul 2013

fantastische idee,sieht ganz toll aus

by salsabil 30 Jul 2013

Great! Love it!

by evie 30 Jul 2013

Dennis, excuse me, but I forgot to tell you I loved the spider web, where
can I buy it at if it is available? thanks.........Evie USA

by evie 30 Jul 2013

First project of yours I have seen and it is one very nice work of art.
I sure hope to see more cool stuff like that.....I love it.....

by airyfairy 30 Jul 2013

Sharon must have a good sense of humor working for you Dennis. LOL. She is going to love this. I do. You have done a wonderful job. Writing perfectly placed. Thank you for sharing. Sarah.

by beatie58 29 Jul 2013

I really hope sharon shares your sense of humour... otherwise there could be a nasty surprise in store for you Dennis... but well done...LOL Sally

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beatie58 by beatie58 29 Jul 2013

just noticed this was back in May LOL for longer...

by noah 29 Jul 2013

Great job Sharon will love it :):) hugs

by kezza2sew 29 Jul 2013

Dennis you are So Wicked.....hey but I gotta love it.

by blueeyedblonde 14 May 2013

very cute!

by oemmes47 14 May 2013

einfach super..

by spendlove Moderator 14 May 2013

You are a brave man!

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dennis999 by dennis999 14 May 2013


by dennis999 14 May 2013

My thanks for your amusing comments. Have any of you tried typing with your nose? It's very difficult but less painful than using fingers that have been trodden on!

by edithfarminer 14 May 2013

Such good fun, love it

by pennifold 13 May 2013

Hi Dennis, just come home and am watching Game of Thrones as I fell asleep last night in it! Great job on the Apron and I absolutely love the design of the cleaning lady by Vicki. Now that you have posted your first project I hope to see more of your work. Love and blessings Chris

by debbiegreer 13 May 2013

I love it.Good humor

by rsloan 13 May 2013

May 13,2013 -- What a great sense of humor the two of you share -- My card is in the mail !!

by granniebea 13 May 2013

It is lovely. Where do I send the flowers??? lol

by vickiannette 13 May 2013

yep it's great and so will be your black eye!

by cfidl 13 May 2013

When the first lady who passes from behind her on the street and says, "It's OK, you look fine..." she might think something is up. Fine job, I enjoyed your post immensely.

by jrob Moderator 13 May 2013

You certainly did a neat job. Tell us, was she bummed out when she saw this or did she smile? If she smiled, and I were you, I'd hide my toothbrush before she cleans for you next time. She just might have a "new" toilet brush cleaner. ;)

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dennis999 by dennis999 13 May 2013

That's a good point! I shall have to keep a close eye on

by dennis999 13 May 2013

Thank you ladies for your most kind and advisory comments. When Sharon left our house today still wearing the tabard, she told my wife Ann that she was delighted with her gift and intended to keep it on to show her family. At this point, she still had not seen the back and so my fingers, etc are still intact! I have now moved on to my next project.

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basketkase by basketkase 13 May 2013


by tauberschmitt 13 May 2013

wow einfach super woher ist diese Frau?

by debswebster 13 May 2013

Oh my goodness Dennis, you are soooo funny!!!!!! This is absolutely fabulous. I can imagine Sharon showing her other clients what a good job you did....and created by a MAN to boot. LOL

by asterixsew Moderator 13 May 2013

Congratulations on your first posting and what a super piece of work. Hopefully this is not your last posting and Sharon is very happy with her gift. So now we can all see that you do sew very well. Have a flower

by dragonflyer 13 May 2013

You are a brave man..but, I love it!

by highlandermom 13 May 2013

Cute and I love the humor. Actually wish I had a pair of shoes like design has.

by oaro 13 May 2013

i do love it you did great job

by pldc 13 May 2013

YIKES although you did a really good job I for one agree with the other posts DON"T STAND TO CLOSE WHEN SHE SEES THE BACK! ;)

by haleymax 13 May 2013

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift with a special message for her (I don't do cobwebs) and a surprise on the back also. I'm sure she will appreciate the time, talent and effort put into this gift.

by bevintex 13 May 2013

It reminds me of those notes that say "Kick me" someone was always trying to put on your back when you weren't looking. When she does discover the hidden message she may do just that. "Kick You" . I hope she has a sense of humor. One more piece of advice,Don't stand too close to her when she has a broom in her hand. lol

by rescuer Moderator 13 May 2013

Glad you decided to post in projects.
I think you have done a lovely job on this gift!
I do hope your hospital stay is a pleasant one. lol

by baydreamer 13 May 2013

Too funny, great job

by noah 13 May 2013

Nice job all around hugs

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basketkase by basketkase 13 May 2013

Good morning, Carolyn!

by basketkase 13 May 2013

Great use of all your designs, Dennis....I love your sense of humor and your stitchouts are perfect!!! She will absolutely love this uniform!

noah by noah 13 May 2013

I second That!

sadp by sadp 13 May 2013

Yes for sure...

by myrizun 13 May 2013

Cute work

by mrskiki 13 May 2013

Toooooo cute! Hugs. Nan

by cherylgauteng 13 May 2013

You will probably not get what you deserve but this is really great !! Thanks for the laughter.

by annyn 13 May 2013

Very nice front and back.

by 02kar Moderator 13 May 2013

Oh Dennis, as always you make me laugh. You did a super job with this gift. Let us know which hospital to send flowers and cards to. please.

by mops Moderator 13 May 2013

Nice job, Dennis, great designs front and back.

by nannynorfolk 13 May 2013

Flowers & card on their way to you !!! lol - btw- nice work ;)

by lilylady 13 May 2013

very nice, your designs turned out perfect!

by michemb 13 May 2013

Wow, great job Dennis, I am sure she will get lots of use out of this and wear it proudly,