by karenjay 10 May 2013

I have been using lots of fabric from my stash and making lots of bags - great way to try out designs.

Hopefully I can post all these photos.
1 zippydesignz
2 lots of bags
3 kreativekiwi
4 lynniepinnie
5 appliquecorner


by drh2276 10 May 2013

Wow, I really love all your bags, but baby one is just adorable!

by highlandermom 10 May 2013

Love all these their size is great for lite carry for little out trip with little guys to kids carry toy bag for that not to be bored once there type trip. Great job!!!!!

by arlene 10 May 2013

my goodness have you been buzy. turned out so nice, love the designs with the material you chose.

by noah 10 May 2013

omg u been really busy these are very lovely .Do u plan on a craft sale??hugs

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karenjay by karenjay 10 May 2013

I have a craft market coming up in June so my sewing machines are working overtime. LOL

by jussyc 10 May 2013

Great way to use test stitch-outs too. Well done :)

by pldc 10 May 2013

wow these are terrific! you have done a great job & its hard to pick a fav there are awesome!

by bumblebee 10 May 2013

Lots and lots of bags-good ideas

by asterixsew Moderator 10 May 2013

With all these bags it looks like you have been very, very busy with your lovely work. Thanks for posting the links to the designs, I will now go off and look at no 5

by stella1 10 May 2013

Very nice and beautiful bags and so cute and sweet

by 02kar Moderator 10 May 2013

You are a busy lady making all of these bags. Great display of them all.

by rescuer Moderator 10 May 2013

Cute bags! Great way to use your stash.

by cfidl 10 May 2013

Oh my you have been busy, and what did you do with your "scrap" before you made bags? You really can sew! Yeah!

by myrizun 10 May 2013

Cute work

by shilly 10 May 2013

Love the peeper and the giraffe...nice bag.

by kanny 10 May 2013

I love your bags where can I find the pattern

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karenjay by karenjay 10 May 2013

I made the pattern myself. I decided what size I wanted and tried it out - the first ones were a bit big so I cut the next lot a bit smaller - the front panel is approx. 13" wide and is 10" deep.

by marron1 10 May 2013

you have been busy they look great ...linda

by pennifold 10 May 2013

These are all gorgeous, well done. Love and blessings Chris