by mrskiki 04 May 2013

I have been wanting to make matching covers for my machines and finally got them done. I love them and hope you all do too. Hugs. Nan


by sandralane 06 May 2016

A wonderful set of covers you have made, love the designs. Great work. Sandra.

by Niacea 06 May 2016

Wow! I really like these, their beautiful!!! You did a wonderful Job!!
How did you do?

by mechille 27 Apr 2016

Wonderful job. Nice designs also. You have done a wonderful job and it will be a great thing to keep the dust off of it. Thanks for sharing. :)Mechille

by crazypatchmama 27 Apr 2016

what a great idea. I made one for my machine but not as beautiful as yours. i did mine just to keep the dust off while i am not using it. your designs are beautiful, just right for your divas.

by Shisha 27 Apr 2016

Oh I love this!!! Thanks for the inspiration! I will have to see if I can figure out how to do one for myself!!!

by queenofhearts 15 Apr 2016

Not sure why a three-year-old post came to the top but I will add my 2cents worth. Awesome says it all.

by sjbrower 15 Apr 2016

These are gorgeous! I have fabric (some home decor fabric as well), but just need to draft some patterns and make them! You've inspired me!

by lhart 15 Apr 2016

Beautiful! I love the designs you have chosen. Were they hard to make? You did a wonderful job!

by lbrow 14 Apr 2016

They are Grrrreatt!/Lillian

by graceandham 14 Apr 2016

You're very organized. I just dust mine out when the dust gets too bad! I love that they are all color coordinated.

by toogie 14 Apr 2016

Great job on all of them!!!

by teun 14 Apr 2016

Wunderschöne Arbeit

by Ossineu 14 Apr 2016

Wonderful idea. Well done.

by mad14kt 14 Apr 2016

This is so NICE!!! FIESTA ;D

by buffy1 08 May 2013

very cute!

by rsloan 08 May 2013

May 8, 2013 -- Each one is prettier than the last! What a great idea and practical too.

by pldc 08 May 2013

terrific job here! they look great!

by Martini 08 May 2013


by katydid 06 May 2013

I am so impressed!!! what else can I say!! I just awarded you first prize.

by dilceia 06 May 2013

Congratulations! Very beautiful!!!!

by drro 06 May 2013

Very impressive and creative!!

by waterhedgie 06 May 2013

I love your machine cover!!! You did a good job. You also gave me an idea how to make covers for both my embroidery machines. Thanks for sharing.

by kiffuri 05 May 2013

wonderful job

by gigi70alvarran 05 May 2013

Great eat job.:}:}

by newtoosew 05 May 2013

It looks very nice did you use apattern or just measurements?
What tymp of machine do you have?

Keep up the good work

1 comment
mrskiki by mrskiki 06 May 2013

Free pattern from Snowbird Granny Creations found in the files of the yahoo group VikingGems. I have a Designer Diamond and a new Designer Ruby Deluxe. Love my Vikings and wouldn't have any other brand. Hugs. Nan

by rescuer Moderator 05 May 2013

Great job! They look wonderful!

by rachap 05 May 2013

Very clever and nice work--looks about 1000% better than my towel!!

by lidiad 05 May 2013

Love those covers! Great job, Nan.
Hugs, Lidia

by danie 05 May 2013

Très beau projet, bravo!

by cece1 05 May 2013

Great job! These are so nice. I bet your babies are so happy to have their new "dresses". Thanks for showing them.

by mrskiki 05 May 2013

I should have added where the pattern came from. Designer Gems yahoo group has this in the files area. It is free from Snowbird Granny Creations. And the design of the Diamond machine is from Diana and Kothy's website. Thanks for all the nice comments. Hugs. Nan

by marianb 04 May 2013

They look great..professional the deigns

by justonlyme 04 May 2013

I hadn't thought of making a custom fitted cover for my equipment. I cover everything with several layers of towels and sheets because my daughter's cat climbs over, around and through everything in sight. And she has dubbed my sewing space as her space! a cover of a durable material would do the trick and wouldn't slide off so easily.
You've done a beautiful job here! I'm inspired. Great job!!

by harleysville 04 May 2013

These are all just so beautiful. You did a great job.

by bonnetgirl 04 May 2013

Oh my these are so nice...I sure do need one also

by PIGNADA 04 May 2013

I love them colors and designs. Thank you for sharing your work. Amitiés de France.

by clawton 04 May 2013

They are very nice. So is your machine collection.

by baldacchino 04 May 2013

You did a lovely job on the Designs and the covers

by pennifold 04 May 2013

What a great idea Nan, I really should make some for my babies! Well done with the designs. Love and blessings Chris

by chefin 04 May 2013

great work

by mysew1325 04 May 2013

you did a wonderful job on these... love all the designs you added..

by oneagleswings 04 May 2013

They are great and best of all they put a smile on your face every time you see them. Great job!!!

by greytgirl 04 May 2013

Great job on the machine covers!

by oaro 04 May 2013

i do love you covers you did great job

by devon 04 May 2013

Great work on all. Very pretty. DeVon

by noah 04 May 2013

oh my u got the ruby i am praying for .Please take good care of her and yes i love her covers hugs carolyn

1 comment
mrskiki by mrskiki 05 May 2013

I love the Ruby. Hope you can get one soon. They had been offering 48 months no interest financing. Good luck. Hugs.

by highlandermom 04 May 2013

Love what you have done, these look great.

by cfidl 04 May 2013

Wow is that home dec fabric? heavier? They look so good Big Brother Campden sitting next to me is jealous. Also Lady Di in the back room really needs a new dress! hint hint. Do you know Loman's their "back room" has all the high end dresses and gown's.. another attempt at humor! It is Cute that we name our machines!

cfidl by cfidl 04 May 2013

looking our your window makes me remember the East Coast. It is beautiful!

mrskiki by mrskiki 05 May 2013

Actually I am in central Texas, Bastrop to be precise, 40 miles SE of Austin. Yes, I did use home dec fabric, thought not too heavy of one.

cfidl by cfidl 06 May 2013

Texas, Is that near Gaveston? So you get regular water? I hear you have big bugs there.

mrskiki by mrskiki 08 May 2013

Galveston is about 200 miles from us. It is on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. What do you mean by regular water? The Gulf has salt water. Our drinking water here in Bastrop comes from a well. We do have big bugs-but then everything is bigger in Texas!

by gerryvb 04 May 2013

well they are great, I know I will have to do something like that too.