by elenu 01 Jun 2008

My Janome 'A' hoop will no longer tighten up. I would like to be able to buy a new nut & bolt (rather then the expensive whole hoop.)Any suggestions please?


by nglover1 01 Jun 2008

You have such good answers that I will just give you a flower.

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elenu by elenu 02 Jun 2008

Thank you Nglover. I'm hopeful that something will turn up soon.

by clawton 01 Jun 2008

I would try your dealer. My Viking dealer carries a few things like that. I had a screw break and she gave me a new one.

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elenu by elenu 02 Jun 2008

Thanks Clawton, I have emailed my Dealer & Janome UK & hope to receive their replies soon. It's rather unfortunate that I don't live near to any Dealers.

by joaniessw 01 Jun 2008

Wow, a wealth of info... I would have also suggested e-bay, but Raels already did, so all for me is a good wish for you to get what you need and a flower.. *4U ><>

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thank you Joaniessw I have emailed Janome Uk & I am hoping they can either supply of tell me where to buy.

by auntbaba 01 Jun 2008

I hope that you can find your hardware soon. *4U

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thank you Auntbaba. Yes I hope so too.

by oldandgrey 01 Jun 2008

the nut and bolt are available from some sewing stores but they are definitely available from Janome. You can contact Janome direct and obtain the nut and bolt. I had to get a set recently and it cost me $Aus.8.00

minnieb by minnieb 01 Jun 2008

welcome where are you from

elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thank you very much Oldandgrey - I have only looked on the web site so far but I will now contact Janon=me UK

by lbrow 01 Jun 2008

You've got quite a few answers so I'll just say good luck n finding what u need 4 the hoop *4U

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thanks Ibrow. I'm now going to contact Janome UK direct. The nut and bolts are not listed on web site.

by shirlener88 01 Jun 2008

Jean, it looks like you have your answer - so I will leave you with a flower.

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Shirlene thanks. I'm now going to contact Janome UK direct.

by dixie 01 Jun 2008

I have the Janome 11000 and I have had the same thing, my husband said that the thread in the screw wears. I live in Australian and my Janome dealer sells the srew or the bolt seperately only about $5 the two together and they are from Janome. I now have a couple of sets on hand just in case it happens at the wrong time. Hope Janome will look into this problem as it seems to happen to quite a few. Good Luck
Regards Dixie

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thank you Dixie, Here, in UK hardware shops don't stock ANYTHING that does not move off the shelf quickly. I have now emailed the Dealer I purchased the machine from (they do not list these parts on website) Hopefully, that will bring results.

by 100pandas 01 Jun 2008

This has happened to me also. My bolt was fine but the nut was stripped. I went to the hardware shop with my bolt and got a packet of small nuts to fit. They even fit in the hoop where the original nut was. They work perfect and only cost a couple of dollars.

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thank you 100Pandas That is very fortunate. So far I have not been able to purchase nut or bolt from nearby hardware stores.My son trawled the net for possible supplies, no luck. Hopefully my email requesting specific part to Dealer will bring results.

by cutiepie 01 Jun 2008

Unfortunately, despite being metal, those parts do wear out eventually. However, it should be no problem at all to replace the nut and screw for your hoop. I have done it myself for my hoops a couple of times (that is, I've replaced the nut and screw on a couple of different hoops, not several times on the same hoop!) and it certainly is cheaper. Maybe $10 for the two pieces (my dealer sells the screw separate from the nut, of course). You will be able to get exact replacements through your dealer, or perhaps you can go to your local hardware store and get a pretty good approximation for less. Good luck! **** On a related note, never use anything other than your fingers to tighten the screw on your hoop. Using a screwdriver (even one included with your machine) makes stripping the threads on the screw much more likely, shortening the life of the screw.

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thank you for your detailed reply Cutiepie. I have been to the Janome & Dealers websites they are not listed. After reading your reply I think I will email them with the specific request. Luckily the nuts & bolts are interchangeable so I am still able to use the hoop using the spares from my freearm hoop which is little used - but I do still need to replace!

by raels011 01 Jun 2008

you should be able to buy this at your janome shop or try ebay I actually sold the hoops on ebay a couple of weeks ago for a friend

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elenu by elenu 01 Jun 2008

Thanks Raels. Those ideas have been exhausted but I do keep check on eBay hoping that something new will appear.