by momhome 20 Apr 2013

How do you convert a VIP file to a true font (ttf) file or an emb file? Do you need a conversion software to do this - if so is there a free one, or a cheaper one that works good? Would prefer to do this as one large file, and not as each individual letter. I am asking this for my cousin.


by spendlove Moderator 21 Apr 2013

As dragonflyer has said VIP is an embroidery format. A ttf is a font that is controlable so any size is possible as in word processing. You will have loads of these already installed in your PC and hundreds more are downloadable. You need embroidery software such as Embird Font Engine to convert ttf text into an embroidery design.
The free software Embroidery Fonts Plus is very useful for creating text designs. You use it like a word processor, choose the finished size of the design and then convert to stitches and save as an embroidery file. It comes with 3 ttf and more can be purchased quite reasonably.

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momhome by momhome 21 Apr 2013

Thank you Sue. I will pass this on to her.

by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

I'm not sure you can convert a VIP file to a true type font (ttf) file...I think true type fonts are "read" by your embroidery software and the embroidery software interprets and "creates" the stitches to sew the true type fonts. VIP is a sewing format and is read differently by the software than a true type font. You can find and download thousands of free true type fonts and add them to your font folder usually found in your c:drive in programs...once you do this, your embroidery software will recognize them just like the ones that were loaded on your computer when you purchased it...VIP is a sewing format for Viking/Husquvarna (I think). If you have a TTF, your software will allow you to "type" your text in the digitizing mode like you can in a Word document...if you use "alphabets or fonts" that are like the ones we get as freebies one letter at a time, these need to be imported one letter at a time...they are individual files...that is why it is so much easier to use a TTF for lettering rather than the alphabets we collect one letter at a time...If you use a TTF in your software, you can save it as a VIP file to sew it out...just like any other design. This is my understanding, and maybe another Cutie can clarify if I am mistaken here...

momhome by momhome 20 Apr 2013

Thanks Kim, I had my cousin sign in and she is reading this. I helped her join so I may have her send you a PM if she has more questions.

mops by mops 21 Apr 2013

In 5D (or older versions) you can make vip-files from true type or open type fonts, but not the other way round.

momhome by momhome 21 Apr 2013

Thank You mops for answering this.