by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

Heirloom Dresses...I have been working on these for awhile now...all together six of them from size 6 to 6 months...five are here. All bodices were done totally in the hoop...I digitized my own pattern and bodice detail and the bodices are large, medium, small, xsmall and little ones loved them and they all fit perfectly. The lengths come to just above their ankles and range from 34" to 17" in length. I am very happy with them!


by lucerba 07 Jan 2014

des robes de petites princesses !

by sorro36 06 Jan 2014

They are just beautiful the girls will look like little dolls come spring.....

Hugs Denise

by greytgirl 06 Jan 2014

Your heirloom dresses are stunning!

by jerrib 06 Jan 2014

You have done a wonderful job and can be proud of how they look.
Hugs Jerri

by corinney 06 Jan 2014

Holy smokes!! These are well, what can I say... BEAUTIFUL!! If I were you I would be doing a happy dance! You do amazing work Dragonflyer!! :0)

by mariahail 06 Jan 2014


by pamhayes 29 Apr 2013

Very pretty

by njola 29 Apr 2013

Wonderful dresses

by bumblebee 28 Apr 2013

What a fabulous job you have done- these dresses are beautiful

by airyfairy 27 Apr 2013

Just beautiful - you are one very clever lady. Sarah.

by pennifold 27 Apr 2013

SIMPLY STUNNING. Love and blessings Chris

by dilceia 27 Apr 2013

Congratulations! You did a wonderful job.

by camylow 27 Apr 2013


by sdrise 25 Apr 2013

So Beautiful I love heirloom! Suzanne

by waterhedgie 25 Apr 2013

The dresses are amazing. You do beautiful work.

by pldc 25 Apr 2013

wow these are just fantastic my friend! well done, hugs Loralye

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 25 Apr 2013

Thank you, Loralye...I had a really good time making them for "my girls"...

by mgregg01 24 Apr 2013

love them, where can I buy these designs?

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 25 Apr 2013

I have designed these...digitized the bodice to be sewn and finished in the hoop...then the skirt is constructed and sewn to the is designed to be able to add any design to the basic bodice to change it up...the possibilities are endless...thank you for your comments....I am still deciding if I should post in DBC or offer them for sale...

mgregg01 by mgregg01 27 Apr 2013

They are just beautiful, I hope you will see the designs I just love them.

susanpsychic by susanpsychic 19 Jul 2013

How close are we to getting these beautiful designs for our little ones???

by blueeyedblonde 23 Apr 2013


by dianap 22 Apr 2013

Wow wow wow, these are adorable, I would love to make something like this for my grand daughter. well done, you should be well proud of yourself. :)

by quilter124 22 Apr 2013

These little dresses are just have done a great job with the designs and doing your own digitizing...with great details...THIS is what embroidery is all about....great presentation also...

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22 Apr 2013

Thank you...the digitizing is the part that is the most difficult for me..the actual sewing is a bit time consuming for all six dresses, but easy pezy!

pldc by pldc 25 Apr 2013

you did an awesome job!

by lenamae 22 Apr 2013

They are lovely .
Hug Lenamae

1 comment
lenamae by lenamae 22 Apr 2013

I would love to have a design like that for a doll dress.

by anabela 22 Apr 2013

Beautiful, thanks for sharing

by castelyn 22 Apr 2013

They look stunning. Well done. Hugs Yvonne

by baldacchino 21 Apr 2013

They are beautiful

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

Thank you...

by mooie24 21 Apr 2013

wow truly stunning, the girls will feel like princess's..

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

I think they will all feel like a princess as well....thanks..

by capoodle 21 Apr 2013

Lovely work on the design and construction.

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

Thanks so much...

by bowlds 21 Apr 2013

There are wonderful.....great job!!

by cheryl610 21 Apr 2013

omg,wow ,they are beautiful

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

Thank you so much for your comments..

by basketkase 21 Apr 2013

OMG, these are just gorgeous and definately so much more refined than store bought......beautiful work!!!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

Thank you for your comments...I am looking forward to seeing pictures of all of the girls..they all live on the East Coast of the USA...and I am on the West hoo..but sewing for them helps me stay connected...

susanpsychic by susanpsychic 19 Jul 2013

Yes, it has been hard to make clothing for my little granddaughter when they are not close and the parents do not have a tape measure. lol

by elizabethak 21 Apr 2013

Tooo divine! Where the patterns from?

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

The patterns are my own...I designed and digitized the bodices and also the skirts. The bodices are done totally in the hoop from start to finish...and then the skirts are constructed and sewn to the finished bodice. The bodices are designed so that the embroidered parts can be totally changed out for other border and center designs. I plan to do another set with completely different embroidery around the perimeter of the bodices and center motifs...the possibilities are endless...

by zoefzoef 21 Apr 2013

lovely creations ! art work !

by ekirksey 21 Apr 2013

Your dresses are stunning. Do you plan to create others or will this be all?

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

I do plan to do more...since I digitized the bodice pattern to be sewn in the hoop, I plan to change the embroidery designs within the bodice and go from there...lots of choices for variations...thanks for your comments.

by arlene 21 Apr 2013

Absolutely stunning.!!! Lucky girls.

by marfa 21 Apr 2013

you have done a beautiful job,

by cvetec1 21 Apr 2013


by KrystynasWorld 21 Apr 2013

Wow! Heirloom, indeed! They are marvelous.

by lidiad 21 Apr 2013

Just beautiful! Great job!
Hugs, Lidia

by yvonnevanwerkhoven 21 Apr 2013

This is really pretty

by robinbird 21 Apr 2013

These dresses you've done are very adorable. I'd wondered about how long it took you to digitize& what software did you use?Thanks for sharing them& God's blessings.:~D

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Apr 2013

The actual digitizing didn't take long a all...what took the time was coming up with the bodice pattern and sizing it for all the wears a 6, one wears a 5, one wears a 4, one wears a 3, one a 2 and one 6 months size...I used Janome MBPro3 software for these.

by killiecrankie 21 Apr 2013

Lovely dresses.This style of dress never seems to date & fits so many different types of girls body shapes.

by aussiequilter 21 Apr 2013

so sweet , you have done a beautiful job

by marianb 20 Apr 2013

You are a very clever girl..the dresses are absolutley beautiful..well done

by cj2sew 20 Apr 2013

These are really beautiful and the little girls who receive them are going feel so special. I can just picture them twirling around and around. Beautiful work!

by buffy1 20 Apr 2013

these are beautiful!

by dixie 20 Apr 2013

These are just simply stunning and the little girls will look just so beautiful in them. A lot of work but certainly well worth the effort you put into them

by drh2276 20 Apr 2013

Are the openings on the shoulder, and closed with the pretty bows? These are just beautiful!

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

Yes, the dresses tie at the shoulder so they can be adjusted as the girls grow...

by cootie 20 Apr 2013

Such lucky girls!!! May I ask what kind of machine you have?

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

I have the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold....and I love it...

by marron1 20 Apr 2013

stunning ...

by gerryvb 20 Apr 2013

all so gorgeous, beautiful !

by rachap 20 Apr 2013

All I can say is Just Beautiful!!

by rsloan 20 Apr 2013

Apr 20, 2013 - Dragonflyer - these are just precious and will be wonderful heirlooms.

by teun 20 Apr 2013

Ganz toll gemacht,die Mädchen sehn ganz bestimmt gut darin aus

by lilylady 20 Apr 2013

very nice, hope little girls love them.

by de105 20 Apr 2013

Very nice work! The girls will feel so beautiful in their dresses!

by rsehorse 20 Apr 2013

Beautiful, just beautiful. The girls will feel like princesses when they wear these boutique dresses. Fantastic work. Hugs, Susan

by rgotter 20 Apr 2013

OH MY WORD!!! These are just lovely!!! I would love to see a picture with them on.

by myrizun 20 Apr 2013

Very pretty work

by icana 20 Apr 2013

They are beautiful

by rescuer Moderator 20 Apr 2013

Stunning work -- even up close! They are adorable dresses!

by highlandermom 20 Apr 2013

Beautiful great job

by noah 20 Apr 2013

Wowwwwwwwwwww hat a bog job you are doing and they are awesome Go momma:):) hugs

by mysew1325 20 Apr 2013

these dresses are stunning .. wow...

by dailylaundry 20 Apr 2013

So beautiful - well done!!!!! Hugs to you and your sweet girls!! Laura*

by clawton 20 Apr 2013

WOW, they are gorgeous!

by oaro 20 Apr 2013

they are beautiful

by mehhouse 20 Apr 2013

Very beautiful! Great job.

by cfidl 20 Apr 2013

OMGosh! They are so beautiful! You should be proud of yourself and so happy to see you little ones are gussied up! Hope they all have wonderful times while wearing these dresses.

by mops Moderator 20 Apr 2013

They are beautiful - great job!

by means 20 Apr 2013

Beautiful, you have every right to be pleased. Know the little ones are very pleased also. Way to go

by spendlove Moderator 20 Apr 2013

These are stunning - well doen!

by laffma1 20 Apr 2013

Wow - they are so beautiful!! And, that's a lot of work to make so many with such detail. Very well done!

by susiesembroidery 20 Apr 2013

Your work is exceptionally beautiful and these dresses will be heirloom dresses for future generations. Lovely!!!!

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

Thank you..they were so fun to make!

by outback43 20 Apr 2013

very beautiful, they will feel like princess' **

1 comment
dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

Can't wait to see pictures of all of them in their dresses...