by momhome 18 Apr 2013

Dumb question, but I need help. I am finding that my RW angel that I am sewing on the quilt itself is not sewing as nicely as it did on the test stitchout with the same material. I figured that with the 3 layers - the quilt top, flannel inside, and cotton bottom it would not need stabilizer. Now I am wondering if I should be putting stabilizer on either the top or the bottom? If I do, I know it would need to be WSS but ------


by noah 19 Apr 2013

I never use Stab. but i set my quilt on a table close to my machine and it sews well hugs ,and i can't wait to see it Carolyn

by momhome 19 Apr 2013

I ended up having to switch from my 120 x 115 mm hoop to my 225 x 140 mm hoop. Totally surprised me that I had to go this big when the design was 47 x 47 mm in size. Don't know if it was because of so many think layers or what. Thanks to everyone for the help. I couldn't have done this without all of you.

by clawton 19 Apr 2013

Make sure that the quilt hang over is supported (not hanging over the edge of the table) and not pulling the hoop as it moves. I also found if I use a spring action presser foot it works better. That keeps the quilt layers closer together as it stitches. Sensor Q is a Viking brand one. Each brand probably has a different name for them.

clawton by clawton 19 Apr 2013

I do not use a stabilizer on top or the bottom.

momhome by momhome 19 Apr 2013

Thank you for the help.

by dragonflyer 19 Apr 2013

You should not need sounds like there is shifting in the hoop...sometimes with redwork when the stitches resew over themselves and there has been movement of the fabric in the hoop, they will not retrace exactly over the previous might try using the rubberized shelf lining when you hoop, especially on the long sides of the hoop to help prevent the fabric from slipping...

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momhome by momhome 19 Apr 2013

Thank you Kim. It is funny, because the only place that is slipping is on the angel bottom. Except the one that had major problems and I had to take out and redo completely. Thank you for everything.

by castor 18 Apr 2013

mybe you didnt hoop tight enough? a dealer told me to use a coin to tighten the screws and it works wonderfull.i always hoop my quilts that way, no should work fine,love ursula

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momhome by momhome 19 Apr 2013

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately with my hoops if I tighten too much I strip the screw out. I've done this twice now in the last 6 months. Appreciate you getting back with me with your idea.

by marianb 18 Apr 2013

If your testing a design for a quilt, test it as if the real thing ie-a sndwich of material then and only then do you know it will work!.. beleive me I had stuffed up many tops by not doing this.. hope this helps

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momhome by momhome 19 Apr 2013

That is what I did, and it stitched out great. The only thing different from my test and the blanket was the sandwich of material did not extend into the hoop. Thank you for your suggestion.

by dec716 18 Apr 2013

no matter how thick the fabric or layers of fabric you need a stabilizer.
the stabilizers job is prevent the push and pull of the fabric as it is sewn.
I would only use on the does not have to be WS.
I have found when using tear away if you wet it, I use a sprayer, it tears away much easier without disorting your stitches
hope that helps

dec716 by dec716 18 Apr 2013

no question is dumb! what is dumb is never asking

momhome by momhome 19 Apr 2013

Thank you for your suggestion. I don't want any stabilizer to show on the bottom of the quilt so that was why I was thinking WSS.