by lena8350 16 Apr 2013


I use the software " stitch and sew " under Windows xp. I wish to use it on my second computer under Windows 7. In spite of updates which were sent to me and the manipulations which I was able to make, I do not manage to install it, Windows does not re-know key. who would also have this concern. I have a futura top (singer). Thank you for your help. Hélène


by rescuer Moderator 16 Apr 2013

Perhaps this link will be a place to start. Do you know the software version you have? Do you know if your computer is 32 bit or 64 bit?

rescuer by rescuer 16 Apr 2013

It has information about Windows Vista and links to help about other issues.

rescuer by rescuer 16 Apr 2013

I would also check with the software makers. I hope this link works

lena8350 by lena8350 17 Apr 2013

Thank you for your answers. I am going to try the links. I have the version it works very well with vista with the updates which I had to make. The problem is with Windows7. Otherwise i'll call the hotline. .
Good day!

lena8350 by lena8350 17 Apr 2013

I thank you again! The last link supplied me the adequate updates! And it works! I am just sorry that in France (I am French)Singer is not abble to give explanations and the necessary elements. They sell the software and after we manage. Again thanks! Now, I just have to manage to transmit to the machine, but there I believe that I need an additional cable. Good day!

lena8350 by lena8350 17 Apr 2013

I keep affectedly the link!