by cootie 15 Apr 2013

Anyone with a Futura C-150 can tell me what kind of needles they have used or tried in their machine other than Singer?


by jazzymag 16 Apr 2013

I also use Schmetz needles. I did use the Singer needles but they kept breaking.

by cootie 15 Apr 2013

My Futura didn't have any problems until I had a tangled bobbin and cleaned it out. Now I am having some issues. I was going to try to use some other needles and wondered what everyone with these machines used. thanks for the replies

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rescuer by rescuer 16 Apr 2013

You will want to check your bobbin case for burrs or marring. I have had the bobbin case replace several times -- twice I had not even broken a single needle.
A tangled bobbin is enough to require service. The timing may be off as Bev suggests.
Flowers for everyone!

by bevintex 15 Apr 2013

I have 2 Futuras and never had any issues with the needles. Always with the timing, I gave up on them and bought a Brother

by rescuer Moderator 15 Apr 2013

I have the Futura 250 and I use Schmetz needles. I had too many problems with Singer needles.