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by skyannsgranny ( edited 09 Apr 2013 ) 09 Apr 2013

Just gotten word from Miss V----- She agrees with my choice for the Miss Loretta Scholarship.

So elizabethruth the next 6 months are yours. I hope you receive as much pleasure as I have. And thanks again, Miss V, for the last 6 months.


by lilylady 10 Apr 2013

congratulations, What an honor. Good luck to you and all the ideas and designs you want and love.

by anitapatch 10 Apr 2013

Congratulations to you

by awesome1 10 Apr 2013

Congratulations from a former "scholar" is a great honor and a great site to be a part of. Enjoy your tenure; you will have fun here.

by airyfairy 10 Apr 2013

Great news. Congratulations to Elizabeth. Sarah.

by lidiad 10 Apr 2013

Congratulations Elizabeth. Enjoy and have fun downloading all the designs!
Hugs, Lidia

by lindaavolio 09 Apr 2013

CONGRATULATION .....your going to love downloading all the designs... have fun and ENJOY !

by nglover1 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations. It is such an honor to receive the scholarship in memory of such a wonderful lady , Miss Loretta . I know you will enjoy every design that you DL . Nancy

by noah 09 Apr 2013

WEeeeeeeeeeee way to go :):)hugs and Enjoy:):O

by nonna57 09 Apr 2013

CONGARTULATIONS Elizabethruth. What an amazing gift you have been given. Have fun and enjoy . Pauline Australia :)

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by elizabethruth edited 09 Apr 2013

OMG! Wow! Amazing. Thank you skyannsgranny. Thank you. I am so surprised. So happy. My daughter will be thrilled. She sees so much on here that she wants.

Oh my! Thank you Miss V. And skyannsgranny. And all of the Cuties who have given me all these flowers. I don't say much, but I do try to read most posts. I'm just not into the chat thing. Doesn't mean I don't read. Just don't participate that much.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the ladies who give these wonderful links daily mean to me. With a job, a house and a child I just don't have time to do this searching. I knew I liked this site from the get go. Now I really feel a part of it. Really feel like one of you ladies. I only hope that in time I'll have the time to list the links as you ladies do.

Thank you all and much love.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 10 Apr 2013

Congratulations to you. Please post your projects with the designs you have used as we would love to see them. Sarah.

by draco 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations elizabethruth !!!

by debswebster 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations Elizabeth. Enjoy your generous gift.

by jrob Moderator 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations to Elizabethruth and thank you so much for all of your thoughtful consideration, skyannsgranny.

by graceandham 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations are in order. Enjoy!

by gerryvb 09 Apr 2013

thank you for your decission and the update . Congratulations for Elizabeth!

by zoefzoef 09 Apr 2013

Congratz to Elizabeth !!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations to the next holder of the Miss Loretta scholarship

by caroldann 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations Elizabeth. Enjoy your scholarship. Hugs..Carol

by sadp 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations elizabethruth, enjoy your term having fun, hugs S*

by sjm65 09 Apr 2013

Congrats! Have fun with your wonderful gift :)

by stork 09 Apr 2013

Congrats to ElizabethRuth!!!!!Enjoy your wonderful gift.

by basketkase 09 Apr 2013

Congrats to ElizabethRuth......what a fantastic honor!!

by cfidl 09 Apr 2013

Great decision! Congratulations Elizabeth! I look forward to seeing your work in projects!

by rescuer Moderator 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations to elizabethruth! Great choice Ms. V and skyannsgranny!

by pennifold 09 Apr 2013

Great choice Sky, I know Elizabeth will have a ball with the 6 month subscription. Love and blessings Chris

by crosses 09 Apr 2013

Congratulations elizabethruth!