by monique14 08 Apr 2013

I hope my problem can be easily fixed. When I embroider a design you can see the bobbinthread on the front. Can anyone tell me how to solve this. I spent a lot of money on this machine and don't want to spend a lot more


by cfidl 12 Apr 2013

This post is a keeper. What valuable information about tension. Which I am still a little confused on. I thought that embroidery tension is different than sewing tension, and the usual process on how to test your tension does not apply. I think the screw thing is the last resort and brother sometimes has 2 different bobbin cases one adjustable one not. I am going to try the reccommended bobbins. Thanks everyone!

by stock 11 Apr 2013

a little piece of thread could be stuck in the bobbin case, just run a pin around it in between the metal....wendy

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 12 Apr 2013

I've done that, and sometimes I've run plain dental floss through it to get a tiny piece of thread...

by hightechgrammy 11 Apr 2013

Hi Monique, Isn't it just soooo annoying when that happens!! grrrrr
I have the ULT2003 Brother also. It's a finicky machine, but when I play by her rules everything works. I use prewound bobbins, and I can use the cheapest plastic sided bobbins from Metro at a great price. I also believe in using new needles for success. If you can buy them at a great price, it isn't so bad to toss them when they are dull. I can use Organ needles, and I like size 11 Ball point for most every project. I have found that most of my designs turn out much better if I don't use tear away stabilizer and instead use cut away. Tension is so critical too. Test the tension to make sure the top and bottom pull through at just about the same give. Be really careful adjusting the bobbin tension, just a tiny adjustment may help a whole lot. Oh, and I only use Poly on top and bottom. When I do all these things, I get a real even stitch, top and bottom. When all else fails, use the same color thread top and bottom. Hope that helps - it's what works for me!

by graceandham 11 Apr 2013

Sometimes it's also about hooping being too loose, so have someone practiced at it to show you again!
My instructor in my first class asked the (experienced) other students what causes tension and the number of different responses blew my mind. Improper hooping; sewing at too high a speed on a complex design; when the design changes direction; when the stitching of a color stop is long - just gradually builds tension; poor digitizing; YOUR tension; and my teacher's comment - which was pure gold - "Upper tension is lower tension." She said any time we had to reset the bobbin tension, we should rethead the upper thread, also. Enjoy your investment!

by fannyfurkin 10 Apr 2013

sometimes you may need to alter the tension in the bobbin. You can do this by very slightly turning the screw on the bobbin case. I have a blog post here that explains this better.

by airyfairy 10 Apr 2013

I had this problem when I first started embroidering, especially when doing writing. I tried everything - eventually using pre-wound bobbins. They are absolutely wonderful - my new Bernina loves them as well. I will never use anything else now.

by vickiannette 08 Apr 2013

try all sorts of different bobbin threads, as I have decided from my own bad experiences that this is a large part of the problem.

by greysewist Moderator 08 Apr 2013

In agreement with mops, if you loosen the top thread slightly, it may be all you need to do. You need the bobbin thread and top thread to meet right in the middle of your fabric, not have the bobbin thread come through too far towards the top. Also there is probably a tiny screw on the side of your bobbin case, which can be adjusted tighter or looser. If you pull the thread out first to get a feel for how easily it is coming through the notch, then adjust the bobbin case screw very slightly, you should be able to make the thread not come out so freely which should also fix your problem. Good luck!

by anangel 08 Apr 2013

Usually, when the bobbin thread pulls to the top, the upper thread tension of your machine is too tight. I purchased a Brother machine, when I first began machine embroidery years ago, and quickly found it works wonderfully with the prewound NEBS clear plastic sided bobbins.
Hugs, Angel

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by rescuer Moderator edited 09 Apr 2013

What machine do you have?

What thread weight are you using?

My Esante instructions state it needs 80 weight bobbin-thread in the bobbin. The dealership I bought it from uses a 60 weight called "The Finishing Touch." It is expensive! Either of these work well in my machine. However, I do have to adjust the tension, like "mops" suggests in the previous comment, if I am doing lettering and in some other designs as well.

by sjm65 08 Apr 2013

Just had this happen to me. I was so upset! Having always dreamed of owning an embroidery machine and spending more than I should have and enjoying using it so much, then all of a sudden the bobbin thread started showing and my heart sank. I called the store where I bought the machine, a Brother Innovis 90e, and she told me to give it a clean, which I had done already, then to make sure that it wasn't the thread I was using. After trying different colours with the same result, she asked if I had just started a new bobbin fill. As it happened I had and even though it was the same brand as I had previously used, I decided to try a different thread in the bobbin. I used a high quality sewing thread as I can't get bobbin fill where I live. This magically solved the problem! I have since bought some more expensive bobbin fill. My beautiful machine is working like a dream again. Hope this helps :)

monique14 by monique14 08 Apr 2013

Thanks I will clean the machine, and I bought a different bobbinbrand, Gutermann, I was afraid this was the problem because I've read somewhere that brother usually wants brotherbobbinthread.
Thank you very much!

pennifold by pennifold 08 Apr 2013

Hey Monique I was told the same thing when I bought my new Brother Quattro in November. I've since used other brands, but the Brother bobbin fill does sew best. And of course it's the dearest! When I was embroidering my SANTAS I used the same thread in the bobbin as on top, because I didn't want to have white showing through from the cheaper bobbin fill. Love and blessings Chris

mops by mops 08 Apr 2013

Setting the (upper) tension one or two stops lower might help as well. I always do that when stitching with metallic threads.

lwatts by lwatts 09 Apr 2013

There is a Tiny little screw on the side of the Bobbin, if you take a little eyeglass Screw Driver, and turn that screw, just a Smidgen, at a time to adjust that tension on the Bobbin case, you can use any type of thread you want too!, I own a Brother ULT 2003D, and 2 Bernina's and a commercial 15 needle Machine, these Cases for the bobbins can be adjusted for the type of thread you change to. but you have to learn to do it in tiny adjustments..
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lwatts by lwatts 11 Apr 2013

You can Adjust the Bobbin, just a Tiny Bit! and then test it..
if the thread is showing on the top then it is the Bobbin. and remember to clean it and then Test the pull of the thread coming out of the Bobbin make sure it is equal to the top tensions.. and the Bobbin case can be adjusted just a quarter turn at a time to tighten it up some.. I hope this helps some..