by louisecockeran 30 Mar 2013

Hi Everyone please help me how does the search work here on Cute. I want to search for ITH designs for 5 x 7 designs. Hugs Louise


by sewmom 30 Mar 2013

You can also try the Google search engine. Enter CuteEmbroidery ITH and any other info that might help the search. You will probably get posts with links and direct links.

by pldc 30 Mar 2013

it does not work like that here, sorry you go to DBC designs by cuties right above & click through the pictures to see which ones you might like to have & then click on it & dl your format & then leave a flower* & a thank you. If you click the designers name Like Sue Dewsberry she has alot of ITH designs & you will be taken to all of the designs she has sew graciously shared with us all. You see your name at the top in blue well look for hers in projects & then click on her name & then you see all of her postings that is just 2 options, good luck Louise

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louisecockeran by louisecockeran 30 Mar 2013

Thank you so much!! Hugs Louise