by wider57 22 Mar 2013

35 pet beds and 120 doodie plastic bag carriers ready to go to the local Humane Society today. The pet beds are made from towels and 1/2 inch batting. Some I hand tied, some I machine quilted. Also are a couple of pictures showing my Mocha approving the beds. At least I know these will be loved as they are cat tested and approved :-)


by Lynnae 11 Apr 2013

love the kitty,,, she found a new bed,,,, lol

by cfidl 03 Apr 2013

Wow and more! Great job!

by greytgirl 03 Apr 2013

Bless you for all you do for the homeless animals. I thank you and I know they do too! Your cat, Mocha is beautiful.

by basketkase 03 Apr 2013

What a kind and generous soul you are!! Thank you for being there for the animals!! These are all wonderful!!

by contessasophie 03 Apr 2013

Looks like the cat has claimed this bed.
Really kind gesture. God bless you!

by arlene 02 Apr 2013

what a wonderful thing to do.

by blueeyedblonde 25 Mar 2013

good work!

by lenamae 23 Mar 2013

This is just great I love animals I have one dog left and a cat that adoped us she came in throu our dog door and has never left I found out the people that had her moved away and left her they came back after her but the neighbor told them we had her and she was a happy camper and they just left.

by reallyrob 23 Mar 2013

Wonderful!!!!!! I do a lot of work with shelters and they really do so much more then we even imagine. Thank you for caring for the animals!!!

by wider57 22 Mar 2013

When I took all the items in to the Humane Society, one of the staff started to cry. She couldn't believe all the items I donated. They are going to use the blankets for the cats and kittens and are going to sell the doodie bags to raise funds for needed items/equipment. I think I'll pop out to Fabricland tomorrow and pick up another batting bundle (it's on 50% off) and hang on to it in case they need more. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I love doing things like this - keeps my days full, my hands busy and keeps me out of trouble. And to Noah - yes, Mocha (she) got a beautiful red one.

by buffy1 22 Mar 2013

beautiful; you have been very busy.

by marianb 22 Mar 2013

Marvelous work for a great cause, you must be constantly sewing

by bevnorris 22 Mar 2013

Oh, wider57, the photos of Mocha remind me of my much loved Bianca, now not with us, who used to do exactly the same thing when I had a tulle tu-tu skirt under the machine or on the cutting table! Thank you for sharing and for being so kind to the pets at the Humane Society Shelter! Your beds will be much loved as you will be also!!

by oaro 22 Mar 2013

you did great job and lots work

by rescuer Moderator 22 Mar 2013

Great work!
Beautiful Bengal too!

by clawton 22 Mar 2013

Wonderful. Lot's of work.

by baldacchino 22 Mar 2013

Lots of work well done the cats will love them

by capoodle 22 Mar 2013

lol That was a very careful first step for Mocha and looks settled in. Think this one is claimed by the paw test. Nice job on getting so much made. Before I had the embroidery machine my mom and I drew on gently used towels cat and dog heads with a big wide sharpie marker and took a few batches. When her senior home found out they came with more towels. Back then never thought to quilt them just folded in half and stitched around. They were so appreciated as they usually send an animal home with some items.

by noah 22 Mar 2013

Ah did u make him/her one???Lovely job hugs

by castelyn 22 Mar 2013

Oh my word, you have been busy so has Mocha. They look lovely. Hugs Yvonne

by pldc 22 Mar 2013

now that is a true testament that they will be well loved! good for you!

by mysew1325 22 Mar 2013

these are great... the fur babies will love them

by teun 22 Mar 2013

Sieht ganz toll aus,kenn die Katze schon nähen

by highlandermom 22 Mar 2013

You certainly have been busy. That means Mocha at least got 35 cat naps. Nice job on the doodie bags.

by majorisette84 22 Mar 2013

c'est vrai le chat a l'air d'approuver bonne idée pour une association d'animaux mj

by sugarbookers 22 Mar 2013

Looks very nice can you tell me where you bought the hardware for the bags I am in need of the hardware please. Thanks

wider57 by wider57 22 Mar 2013

I found the rings and carabiners on E-bay for cheap. I bought the zippers from I have a large grommet machine and buy grommets from Hope this helps. Vida

sugarbookers by sugarbookers 23 Mar 2013

Thanks that's what I am looking for is the carabiners I have to make water bottles for where I work for gifts for the visitors. But I am having trouble finding some that I can afford. Thanks will check eBay .

by annyn 22 Mar 2013

Looks very nice, You have been busy. Great pictures with the cat.