by nglover1 30 May 2008

Congrats Letvia 7000 I just saw it turn over. You are so helpful and deserve every one of them . A flower toward 8000.


by colmag 30 May 2008

Well done, her's 1 more

by jrob Moderator 30 May 2008

Way to go sweetheart! Here's your can wear it tomorrow since you were gone today! Hope you had a good trip and I sure do appreciate you!;)

by adelmarie 30 May 2008

Congratulations! Nice bouque

by clawton 30 May 2008

Way to Go! congratulations.

by loish 30 May 2008

Congratulation! Thanks for all you give to all of us and many, many more flowers to come.

by shirlener88 30 May 2008

Nacy, thank you for seeing the turn over & *4U. Letvia, CONGRATULATIONS, I believe you are out of town, but perhaps you will check in and see this - if everyone post here for you to see. Than you for all that you do.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 30 May 2008

oops, I meant NANCY!