by dennis999 17 Mar 2013

Although I have been a member here for but a few weeks, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making me feel welcome and for enabling me to download a number of wonderful and unique designs. I now realise that I am the one idiot amongst a bevy of embroidery experts. I am yet to establish the reality of my situation but there appears much to suggest that I may have wondered innocently into a totally female world devoid of any other men. If that is the case, I do hope that you ladies will be gentle with me when I ask any silly questions concerning your wealth of experience and depth of expertise. In any event, thank you to one and all.


by sjm65 20 Mar 2013

Hello!! You're not the only 'idiot' out there! I'm also new to machine embroidery and have days when I wonder if my brain has fallen out!! The 'Cuties' are awesome, always ready to help. Make you feel so welcome too. Hope you have lots of fun embroidering, will be great to hear a guy's point of view :)

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castelyn by castelyn 22 Mar 2013

Welcome to "cute" as well - hugs Yvonne

by sandyqueen 20 Mar 2013

Welcome from Washington state.

Tell us about your embroidery machine, make, model etc. What digitizing software do you use? That way those with knowledge of that machine and software will be better able to help you.


by castelyn 19 Mar 2013

Hi Dennis, Welcome to "cute"
NO question is silly, that is how we learn by asking.

by clawton 18 Mar 2013

Welcome! It's refreshing to have a male point of view. Please don't get upset with us since we tend to use the term ladies.

by gerryvb 18 Mar 2013

welcome to the cute family, you will like it here as much as we all do.

by devon 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to the cute family. DeVon

by jrob Moderator 18 Mar 2013

As one of the four moderators, I wanted to welcome you to the site. You aren't the only male, although the rest tend to be rather quiet. Maybe they will come out to play now that the male numbers are growing. There are some wonderful male digitizers out there. Our own tubby, (you can find his work in designs by cuties) being one. Our motto about questions: the only "silly questions" are the ones you don't ask. How can you know what you don't know?!? If you need help with a situation, the moderators are: jrob, marjialexa,meganne,mops. You can contact us via the Inbox above. Again, welcome!

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Mar 2013

Welcome Dennis.
Cuties are the most helpful bunch. I learned all about embroidery here since I had bought a used machine and no support. I am glad you found us and I wish you a lot of success with digitizing. I am not brave enough to go down that road. I wish you lots of fun with this adventure.

by dragonflyer 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to Cute...I know you will enjoy all that this site has to offer...regardless of gender!

by lilylady 18 Mar 2013

Welcome, you will like it here.

by basketkase 18 Mar 2013

Welcome Dennis and it is refreshing to get a male perspective of this female dominated craft. I believe there are more men out there than we realize, they just haven't found us yet...I wish you much luck with your digitizing and you will find that aspect most enjoyable!!! Vicki

by sdrise 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to Cute ...There are lots of people here with lots of knowledge. The only questions not answered are the ones not asked. Ask away. We are all here to help. Lots of men embroider. My hubby helps too. there are other men on here also. Don't be afraid we are gentle and don't bite! Hehe Suzanne

by dennis999 18 Mar 2013

Thank you all so very much for your warm welcome and kindness. I only started machine embroidery about eighteen months ago and initially with purchased designs only but I have recently set out on the road of trying my hand at digitizing. I have a personal interest in motorcycles and have started on a few designs although much of what I have done is on the instructions of 'she who must be obeyed' for her greetings cards, etc. How advanced I shall get is another matter. Having just turned 65 today, the years may not be on my
Anyway............thank you everybody.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 18 Mar 2013

Dennis 65 years old this is the best time. Retired with time available and a hobby that keeps the mind going. Have fun.
Angie from sunny California

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 18 Mar 2013

You are most welcome, and always remember 60's is for being thrifty and life's experiences never ends.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 18 Mar 2013

I think you sound about average !

airyfairy by airyfairy 20 Mar 2013

I would agree Jan

cherylgauteng by cherylgauteng 20 Mar 2013

I am sure that all missed the fact that it was your birthday two days ago when you posted this - a belated " Happy Birthday "

by michemb 18 Mar 2013

Welcome Dennis,
You will enjoy this site and find that cuties are a very helpful and knowledgable group, glad that you have joined us,
Michelle in Montreal

by babsie 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to Cute Dennis and just remember we all started at the beginning and I for one had my embroidery machine for about a year before I had the to guts to try something on it. I was scared of the machine, but glad to say we are friends now. Enjoy your embroidery and a hug for you. Babsie from Centurion, South Africa.

by lidiad 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to Cute, Dennis, and remember that there are no silly questions, just ask what you need to know. This is the way we all learn.

by jussyc 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to Cute Dennis, enjoy :)

by cherylgauteng 18 Mar 2013

Will be lovely to have you around on the website with us. BIG welcome from Johannesburg South Africa. - Cheryl

by pennifold 18 Mar 2013

Dear Dennis, well it's great to have a man about the house, so to speak. We have a few on here, but they aren't as vocal I suppose as us women. I've been a member here since just after Veronika started business too and have met some wonderfully talented, generous, kind spirited people from all over the world. No such thing as a "silly" question, you never know someone else may be thinking the same thing. Our digitisers in the Designs by Cuties are so gifted and offer their designs so freely. Hope to see some of your work soon in our Projects section.

Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia

by spendlove Moderator 18 Mar 2013

Hi Dennis - welcome! I knew nothing when I became a member here, I lurked and "listened" for a while and then began to ask questions. Quite soon, I found there were actually questions I could answer as well! It is such a friendly environment to learn in.
And its nice to have a man about the place!

by airyfairy 18 Mar 2013

First of all - welcome Dennis. There are no silly questions here, that is how we all learn. When I first came to Cute - I had just bought a second hand machine. I had no lessons, just the instruction book. With the help of these wonderful people here on Cute I have learnt so much and have made some wonderful friends. If we can help in any way - just ask.
Great to have a man on board. Sarah (South Africa)

by diamondfowler 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to cute... I have two grown sons and they both cook, clean and sew, they also hunt ,fish and do mechanical things, soooo welcome to the world of embroiderying and one is a nurse and the other is a computer geek Hugs Diamond

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by pldc edited 18 Mar 2013

there is no such thing as a stupid question we have all been there sew please feel free to ask & like the sign says welcome to our cute family! Loralye in Canada

by hightechgrammy 18 Mar 2013

Dennis, I'm so glad you told us you are a man! What a treat for us. But please don't get upset with us if we address the group as Cuties, or Ladies - that can include you too! I've heard we have men in our group - but they haven't made it out of the sewing room closet - LOL! It's a great group, and I hope we don't try to "smother" you! Hugs, Jan in Colorado

by reddish 17 Mar 2013

Hi Dennis;welcome to this site. There are many men who love to sew and embroider; in fact the owner of the shop in my town is a man. I have been going to him sine he first opened over 20 yrs. ago. My husband helped sew his big hunting tent with me over 30 yrs. ago. The man who put our new roof and siding on our home,told me he was a sewer, who made seat covers for boats and cars. So, the list goes on and on--they simply love to sew; to see their acomplishments. And, some of them are darn good..Have fun and enjoy...Diane M.

by draco 17 Mar 2013

Welcome to Cute. Glad you're here.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Mar 2013

You are not the only male. I doubt you could ask a "silly" question. Many different questions have been asked here. You will become quite adept at embroidery yourself if you stay long enough. Don't mind the mostly women (and somewhat chatty) part of Cute. We all love it here. Welcome to the family!

by 02kar Moderator 17 Mar 2013

Dennis, you are very welcome to be a member of the Cute family. Nowhere have I ever seen a rule that embroiderers have to be female. In fact some of my embroidery mentors are men. So you are not alone. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. And before you know it, you will be posting answers too.

by debi197 17 Mar 2013


there are no idiots among us.. just inexperienced people.. :)
and personally, I do not care if you are a male or a female. We all have things to share when it comes to knowledge. What I don't know, you may.

I have been embroidering for a couple of years now, and believe me I am a beginner just like you. I still have days when I start to play with my machine, and it just doesn't want to CO-OPERATE at all! I have Embird, and mainly use it to put names onto something some else created because I just do not have the patience to learn how to do my own digitizing.

So just sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and check out all the wonderful designs that are on here for us all to play with.

and oh yea, Welcome!

by lyns 17 Mar 2013

Welcome Dennis. I for one will be interested to see what projects & ideas a "bloke" comes up with. You may find we all ask you the questions instead. PS: Cuties don't believe there is any such thing as a silly question. Lyn. xx

by nonna57 17 Mar 2013

Dennis Welcome to the cute family, Be warned this is an addiction to which there is no cure. Cause we dont want one :) Dont down yourself you are not an idiot. I have been here since day 3 ( mabey 7yrs) and still am learning. I have met some lovely ladies and i might add a lovely gentleman or 2 also here on cute and made some lasting friendships. Remember there is no silly question because what you ask some might learn from. Me included. :)
So come on in sit down and share a cuppa, some tears and lots of laughs , and enjoy our company as we will yours. Pauline Australia

by grossfamilie 17 Mar 2013

Seems I am the first to heartily welcome you at this cute place and
traditionally you get a flower. You will get many more flowers and
will find friends which are always helpful - not only with regard to
embroidery questions. I think all of us once started at the very beginning
and still there are so many things to learn or refresh and so many questions to be answered - so wishing you always a good time here