by CottonPeony 15 Mar 2013

Easter Runner

I used to design and create the kits for my Mother's Quilt shop and stopped when she passed away almost two years ago. Yet I came across a few kits that were not sent.. and I whipped this up in a few hours.

It took me more time in cutting the fabric and making the kits complete in order to ship that my cost was deep in the red, yet for my mother and I love I had for her this was done with pure joy.

I no longer have the fabric, just this one kit left.

Just a simple stipple on top made this so cute.



by capoodle 15 Mar 2013

It is a beautiful piece.

by marianb 15 Mar 2013

Thank you for sharing this special runner and instruction with us.. Sure your mum is smiling down on you

by buffy1 15 Mar 2013


by momhome 15 Mar 2013

How beautiful. I hope you plan to keep these so you can think of your mother every time you get them out to use. You have done some fantastic work. I am sure the people who use to buy your kits loved them.

by noah 15 Mar 2013

I love to do stippling and this job looks awesome:):)hugs carolyn

by karenjay 15 Mar 2013

Love the colors - very very pretty.

by susiesembroidery 15 Mar 2013

What a special memory of your dear Mother. A lovely runner.

by 02kar Moderator 15 Mar 2013

I am so glad there was one left for you to keep. Your design of the runner and work produced a beautiful runner. Use it with pride and joy in your heart for your special mom.

by highlandermom 15 Mar 2013

This is gorgeous

I can see why so loved

by pennyhal 15 Mar 2013


by brendalea 15 Mar 2013

Very Nice Tablerunner. Love the fabric and the simple stippling.
Nice way to remember your Mother.
Happy Sewing Brenda Lea

by pldc edited 15 Mar 2013

indeed this is a great reminder of the love you both shared! it is very pretty & I can see why it is loved! what size are the pink triangles please? Hugs Loralye

pldc by pldc 15 Mar 2013

I'm guessing that it was a square cut in half is this right?

CottonPeony by CottonPeony 15 Mar 2013

yes, I could upload the instructions to this.. lemme hunt them down.

CottonPeony by CottonPeony 15 Mar 2013

Easter Table Runner
finished size: 15” x 34 ½”

Kit Includes:
16 – 2 ½” squares (color A)
4 1 ½” x 21” (color A for border)
8 3 ½” square (color B)
4 1 ½” x 21” (color B for border)
13 3 ½” square (color C)
2 1 ½” x 26” (color C for border)
2 1 ½” x 21” (color C for border)
14 3 ½” square (color D)
3 – 1 ½” strips for binding (color D)

If you wish to create another quilt you'll need scraps or a fat quarter or two of the same fabric or:
½ yards of color A
½ yards of color B
½ yards of color C
½ yards of color D

Items you need to provide:
36” x 22” fabric for backing
36” x 22” cotton batting
Pins, Safety pins
Long straight edge ruler or a see thru quilt square
Erasable marking pen
Fray Check
Of course a nice pair of scissors and you're sewing machine.

Sewing directions:

All seams are sewn ¼” seam allowance. Press seams open.
Pin and sew as follows:

Color A, sew 4 small squares together to create a 3 ½” square, you’ll need 4 in total.
Try the piece work technique by placing 2 pieces together and sew ¼” seam allowance, without cutting the thread or lifting the foot, sew 2 more pieces together, once all the pairs are sew, remove from the machine and clip threads. Press seams open and piece pairs together to create a 4 square block making a 3 ½” squares. Press completed squares and set aside.

Color C and Color D are sewn together in a 9 patch method. Using 4 of color C and 5 of color D for the first 9 patch, stitch and press, set aside. Second 9 patch is 4 of color D and 5 of color C, press. Stitch, when completed press and set aside. The last 9 patch is just like the first one completed.

Place a see thru quilt square over the top of the 9 patch and mark with an erasable marking pen a 6 ½“ square. See figure 1. Cut on the marked line and set aside.

Take color B and 1 of the 4 square patch that you made and sew together to have 4 units that look like this: once completed, make a total of 4.

Now it’s time to piece these together. Take 1 of the 6 ½“ squares and sew on the top inside edge one of the triangle with the 4 patch facing downwards or towards the center of the runner. Do this twice.
Now do this with the on the lower inside with the triangle facing upwards towards the center.

Piece the 3 items together to create a main center.

Strip border work.
Use color A and stitch on the long edge 2 of the 1 ½” x 21” strips. Press the seam open on the top side. Trim even the ends of the strips to the end of the runner.

Stitch of color A on the ends of the runner. Press strips open on the top side. Trim even with sides of runner.

You’ll do this two more times with color B and color C. Press and set aside.

Press the backing and lay on a smooth surface with the outside facing the surface and the inside facing upwards towards you. Place the cotton batting over the backing and then carefully lay the quilt top over this with the main side facing upwards or towards you. Pin in place using safety pins or long quilt pins.

Quilt by hand or machine. Once the complete lap quilt is quilted, trim the batting and backing to ½”.

Taking color D sew to the edges like you did on the strip border work above, press open and then press binding over in half then and then in half to fold over and cover the batting and backing. Pin in place and hand sew or use your machine.

CottonPeony by CottonPeony 15 Mar 2013

the figures did not show up..
lemme make those into jpgs

by loriziegler 15 Mar 2013

This turned out very cute

by stork 15 Mar 2013

Very pretty. Just love the colors! Great memories of your mom to hold onto.