by sewfrenzie 12 Mar 2013

I've been having a rough few weeks. Really stugling with family issues. I get past one and another crops up, sigh. Now to top it off my cat, Blonde has gone missing. She is my garage cat and an excellent mouser. She wandered off to go hunting or something Thursday and did not come home Thursday night. It had been a bit warmer so i wasn't too worried. But I fear something has happened to her. :(

She's never been gone this long and we live out in the country. She's shy of people so I doubt someone was able to pick her up.
She's been my rock so to speak and I really miss her. She always seemed to know when I needed some of her personal attention. She was pregnant and just starting to show. We always get calls for her kittens as they usually are get mousers also. I'm afraid something like a coyote got her or she got hit by a car, which is unlikely as she stays away from the highway and is always so cautious of vehicles.
I hope I am wrong and she comes home soon, I miss her dearly.


by sewfrenzie 19 Apr 2013

I realize this is from back in March, but I see many of you where wondering if she ever came home. Alot has happened with othe issues and I 've not been on until recently again.
She never did come home, much to my dismay.
After she had been gone for a few weeks a freind brought us a stray cat from in town. Extremely freindly, but a wanderer. She stuck around for the first two weeks becasue the weather was ugly, but the first really nice day she wandered off, and we didn't see her for two weeks. I had to be gone all that day and she wanted attention. When I got home she was gone and we haven't sen her since. We think she found another family, maybe with kids that she's attached herself too. So now two cats gone. We will wait until the weather gets much nicer, maybe late spring and I will get a kitten I can train to be like our Blondie in many ways. We have a friend who has a cat expecting kittens, so he said when they are old enough he will bring me a female. New Neighobr with the dogs running lose as been talked to by another neighbor, as they where at his place alot chasing his cat. So hopefully that issue is handled. If not the sheriff will be getting calls about stray dogs.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 19 Apr 2013

Be sure to get two kittens - it's much easier that way! They are friends, and bathe each other, and keep the other one from straying. Also be sure to spay and neuter too to keep from straying. I wish you kitties would come home.... Hugs, Jan

capoodle by capoodle 19 Apr 2013

It is discouraging but you just never know when she might show up again. I agree with getting two to keep each other company.

by graceandham 20 Mar 2013

My Hamlet went missing one summer day and he never showed back up till (of all the weird days) early in the morning the next Easter. All we could figure was he taken in by someone who made him an indoor cat for all that time. Grace his companion cat was so happy to see him that he was grounded (to the house) for several weeks. Gave a new perspective to Easter joy at the return of a loved one!

by marjialexa Moderator 19 Mar 2013

Please tell us she's home, I keep praying for her furry little heart, and yours.

by airyfairy 17 Mar 2013

Is she home yet??

by christracey 17 Mar 2013

Sending up prayers for you fur baby to come home.

by cfidl 16 Mar 2013

hoping she is home already!

by susiesembroidery 15 Mar 2013

I pray that she will be home safe and sound very soon. Hugs and prayers are coming your way.

by zoefzoef 15 Mar 2013

Any news ?

by moyed 13 Mar 2013

Diane, I hope she comes home safe and well soon.
hugs Helen

by kvcoleman 13 Mar 2013

My indoor kitty went exploring for three days only one time. He had crossed many very busy streets but came back with another neighborhood cat. He never left again. Maybe you could post photos, call the local police and animal rescue groups and put a notice in the local paper. From my ad in the paper, I found where my cat had been from someone calling me. I will be praying for your kitty's safe return.

by irie2510 13 Mar 2013

Hoping your "baby" will come home to you safe and sound soon. Please let us know when she does. Sending prayers.

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irie2510 by irie2510 21 Mar 2013

Still hoping and praying that your baby comes home soon. Please let us know when she does -xo

by jrob Moderator 13 Mar 2013

Diane, You have my prayers for all of the things you are going through and also for this sweet kitty. I just know she wants to get back to you and will as soon as she can. Have faith. ;)

by sdrise 13 Mar 2013

How far along was she? maybe she went to have her kittens. I will pray for her. Mine were missing for a week during the blizzard and came back. they got buried. They are fine... Suzanne

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 13 Mar 2013

She was just starting to show. She usually has 4 or 5 kittens and looks like she swallowed a basketball. Plus we liove in Minnesota where its still cold with highs around 25 to 35 this time of year. She usually has her kittens around Easter.

sdrise by sdrise 13 Mar 2013

My prayers are with you! Hope she is back soon. Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 13 Mar 2013

She is a pretty little thing. Blonde is on my prayer list. Please keep us updated. I continue to pray for you and your family.

by pennifold 13 Mar 2013

Prayers for a safe return to your home. I love cats and dogs. Love and blessings Chris

May St. Francis keep her safe and her litter to be.

by airyfairy 13 Mar 2013

I am so sorry this has happened with all the things you are going through. I am sure that she will come 'home'. Perhaps she is looking for a place to have her kittens. Please keep us posted. Sarah.

by marjialexa Moderator 12 Mar 2013

Diane, believe me I know how you feel, my Mikey went for a walkabout a few weeks ago, in a snowstorm and 12 degree weather!! I think all the Cuties prayers brought him home safely, and I'm adding my prayers to everyone else's that Blondie comes home safely, too! It's SO hard with these "garage" or "outside" cats that just will not stay in. We want to protect them and keep them safe, but when they come from outside and grace us with their presence as adults, they still have their own lives and choices. And it is springtime, whether it looks like it or not. I know how worried you are, so it's silly to say try not to work yourself into a state and think the worst, because you probably will anyhow. I sure do. Keep loving your sweetie, and maybe she'll feel your love and follow it home soon. I hope and pray so, with all my heart. Big furry hugs, Marji

by hightechgrammy 12 Mar 2013

Oh please come home Blonde! She looks like such a sweet kitty! Make sure she's not locked in somewhere! We'll pray for her, and let us know when she comes home! hugs, Jan

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie edited 13 Mar 2013

We checked all our building and called the neighbors and asked them to do the same. No ones seen her.

rescuer by rescuer 13 Mar 2013

If you have any diesel pick-up trucks that are plugged in to electricity (so the diesel doesn't gel) but just sitting -- check them for your sweet friend. Cats love to hide up near the warm engine. She will be safe there until they start up the truck.

by pldc 12 Mar 2013

I know how important our pets are sew I will keep her in my prayers Diane & you too that you have the strength to deal what ever comes your way with her right by your side! hugs Loralye

by ddouville 12 Mar 2013

Such a pretty cat, will be praying she comes home safe & sound.

by sewfrenzie 12 Mar 2013

Normally she comes in for a snack and is seen even if she has kittens. This is not normal behavior for her to just disappear, and she was just starting to show. To ealry for her to have her kittens. On top of that we have some dogs running loose inthe neighborhood and no one knows whos dogs they are. I'm afraid they chased her down in the deep snow and killed her. I hope she's safe and I'm just being a worry wart. But I have a nasty feeling I'm right, and she's gone.

by kezza2sew 12 Mar 2013

wow these little tykes surely know how to make the family sad and miss them.. I am thinking she went off to have her bubs...cats are very clever and protective of their new born, so I hope she is fine where ever she is hiding. Don't give up... and we want to see pix of her new litter ok... Cheer up my love, know we are thinking of you and your worries....

by capoodle 12 Mar 2013

I agree with Vicki (basketkase) that she went somewhere to have her babies. Hear that is common with mother cats.

by basketkase 12 Mar 2013

Oh dear, Diane.....I really do know how you feel, as we have outsiders that we feed daily (along with our 6 insiders). I wonder if she was farther along than you knew and has gone off to give birth???? I pray she comes home to you very soon!!!!! Big kitty hug to you........

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 12 Mar 2013

Maybe she only had one or two kittens this time, and wasn't so big...

by zoefzoef 12 Mar 2013

We all pray for your cat. I'm sure she is ok and you will see her soon. Keep on looking for her. I'm sure she can "feel" you are looking for her.

by maymason1 12 Mar 2013

she will come back the mouse hunt is ok , but the love of a family will bring her back. mm

by rescuer Moderator 12 Mar 2013

Hopefully, she found a nice warm place to have her kittens and you will see her and her new little crew again soon. I am sure she is smart. You can see it in her eyes. I still hold out hope for her. I will pray for you to find comfort during your trials and for your friend to return safely home -- soon.