by bnilla9241 10 Mar 2013

I am hoping in our Cute community can point me in the right direction. I need a 1x1 or so full size elephant. Secondly I need an otter about the same size. I have scenes with an otter in it, but it is just the otter I need.

I appreciate the direction.

Hugs, Bonnie


by airyfairy 11 Mar 2013

Bonnie - can you not cut around the otter and just use that?

by rescuer Moderator 10 Mar 2013

I found less than 2x2 otter and a less than 3x3 elephant. I don't know if you could reduce the size enough to use them or not. The last one is like the otter Chris posted.
Good luck!

by pennifold 10 Mar 2013

Dear Bonnie,

There is a miniature Elephant on Emb Lib and loads on SWAK. The Otter is a bit bigger than 1 x 1, but it was the only one I could find. Love and blessings Chris