by thecraftycritter 01 Mar 2013

Almost the challenge for 2013. On this project I did not use a design from the website. But I did use fabric from the stash that dates back over 25 years. Picture Book Patches from VIP Cranston Print Works which are 8 1/2" squares. There are actually 10 squares in the set. Can't think of what else to make with them since the subject matter isn't kitchen related, suggestions would be appreciated. They came in green, burgundy and brown as I recall.


by kezza2sew 18 Mar 2013

What beautiful the owl

by marianb 18 Mar 2013

They look great, love the green..

by rsloan 17 Mar 2013

Mar 17, 2013 -- I've envious of your 25 year stash! The dark green really shows up well and is a nice change of pace. Thanks

by buffy1 17 Mar 2013

very nice!

by lilylady 17 Mar 2013

love it, very nice.

by marfa 17 Mar 2013

Very pretty

by lenamae 11 Mar 2013

those are beautiful
great designs love the owl

by bigkitten 10 Mar 2013

I just found these prints (10 total) at a garage sale and wondering if there is a color chart for them. All of them are printed in brown with no directions. Some are single squares and others are still together.

by oaro 03 Mar 2013

love it beautiful work done

by mysew1325 02 Mar 2013

these are great..

by pldc 02 Mar 2013

well done!

by CottonPeony 02 Mar 2013

I love OOP Cranston Prints. Have a few items that are of age too. Was thinking about offerring them up for sale.

Love this!!!

Cotton Peony

by laffma1 02 Mar 2013

Lovely table runner! I like the color as well. That's a very nice touch adding the stitched wording - it makes a great finished border.

by 02kar Moderator 02 Mar 2013

I loved Cranston Print Works. They used to have a store. You couldmake the blocks into a children's book or an applique block.

by spendlove Moderator 02 Mar 2013

Brilliant! I love the squares. They would also make nice embroideries.

by teun 02 Mar 2013

Sieht alles ganz toll aus like the designs and collors

by katydid 01 Mar 2013

When I saw 25 yrs ago, my kind of girl. Great job!!

by highlandermom 01 Mar 2013

Great looking runner. These all are super designs.

by capoodle 01 Mar 2013

I like what you were able to do with them. I'd almost frame the ones you can't figure out what to do with. They have a lot of vintage character detail.

by noah 01 Mar 2013

yes these make lovely ,fast,may i say easy runners that look Awesome hugs