by CottonPeony 28 Feb 2013

Kayla's Quilt

This was a couture quilt as a gift as a healing process for me after I lost my mother. I couldn't step into that special creation zone and my very ill mil (mother inlaw) helped me via telephone work this out.

No pattern, just worked on this for three week and finished it in time for her baby shower. Most of this from scraps I had.

(I deleted the childs last name and dob on the second photo below for her privacy.. that's why the name area sorta looks weird.)


by CottonPeony 05 Mar 2013

In the lower corner I made 1 block of the Father Penguin as they take care of the wee ones until the mothers return. I thought it was important to include Kayla's Father into this quilt too.

Cotton Peony

by susiesembroidery 05 Mar 2013

Your work is extremely beautiful. What a lovely gift for your little one.

by shuede 05 Mar 2013

Beautiful quilt! Where did the designs come from? Did you do the lettering yourself? The love shows. Excellent work!

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CottonPeony by CottonPeony 05 Mar 2013

Some of the designs came from Embroidery Library, the cute wee mouse praying in the dandelion bloom was from Babylock BLDP-MICE1 Mike Abrams Mice At Play Collection I Disk. The lettering was done by me on Embird with a font engine.

by ksmithsews 05 Mar 2013


by betsiestander 05 Mar 2013

This is stunning!!!!! Is the quilting free motion on a long arm quilter? what type of cotton do you use to make it stand out so much please?

CottonPeony by CottonPeony 05 Mar 2013


I quilted this quilt on my Babylock Ellisimo Gold since it was small enough to handle on my machine, 72" and higher I bring to my longarm stand and quilt there.

I used lovely cotton the was prewashed and a cotton batting only 2 ply for that extra depth look. This was washed after I finished fray checking all loose threads and hand sewed the binding on.

Seems to me that washing a quilt and a light tumble dry without heat sets the stitches better and removes and soils from my hands or wash away marker lines.

After that wash I inspect the quilt again for any issues that might of happened and then wrap it up and send it off to that lucky person.

warm hugs,
Cotton Peony

CottonPeony by CottonPeony 05 Mar 2013

Oh, one more thing, I used to order in bulk for my mother's quilt shop in Northern Minnesota and so I would keep bolts here for kits as I designed them, then cut them out with the accuquilt cutter, print instructions and photos and create the kit minus the batting and backing. I loved using Quilting Treasures and VIP fabric and MODA (just adore the complete line there) and Thimbleberries RJR fabrics.

Cotton Peony

by janiceguidroz 01 Mar 2013

So beautiful !!!! I lost my dad(he was an only child) on Christmas Eve morning. I am his only child. Thank GOD I have 4 adults now.An older son & triplets, boy & 2 girls sent to us from GOD. Twins run in my family & my husbands.So we are blessed. Your quilt is so beautiful it makes me want to learn how to quilt.

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CottonPeony by CottonPeony edited 01 Mar 2013

Doesn't take long to learn, just the desire to open your heart to create. I love to teach others and used to teach a class on heirloom sewing and quilting. Now it's hard to find those who want to any more.

Hugs to you and open your heart to sing

by pennyhal 01 Mar 2013

Your story is a tribute to the enduring nature of quilts. I am sorry for the loss of your mother. When you wrap yourself up in this quilt, you will feel her warmth envelop you.

by harleysville 01 Mar 2013


by marfa 01 Mar 2013

Fantastic result!

by dee 01 Mar 2013

Beautiful quilt

by sophie95 01 Mar 2013


by Nanasings 01 Mar 2013

Your colors are wonderful, the embroidery is over the top grand and the story behind it makes it priceless. So often our quilts are stitched with our grief and prayers - I hope you are finding peace.

by sewilso 01 Mar 2013

I'm very sorry for the loss of your mother, I lost mine in 2000, she was my best friend. Your quilt is so amazing, and great to use up fabrics that you already have, kudos!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

by ansalu 01 Mar 2013

Wow this quilt is so beautiful and so special. I'm sure this will be a treasure for your family.
Greetings, Bettina
PS: Proud I could give your 100. flower :o)

by eleen 01 Mar 2013

Love your quilt.

by teun 01 Mar 2013

WOWWWWW,ich bin begeistert was eine tolle Decke SUPER

by justsew 01 Mar 2013

Stunning, just stunning, well done. And I Know how you feel. I wish my mum could have seen the embroidery I do , but she went too soon ,but i am sure she knows .
Hugs Pam.

by baldacchino 01 Mar 2013

This is so lovely I hope it has work for you , I have to have a go at making a little one first, you Girls are so GOOD??

by airyfairy 28 Feb 2013

This is what I call a quilt. The colours are soft, the designs are beautiful, love the stippling - just love it. Well done. Sarah

by jerrib 28 Feb 2013

It is a beautiful quilt. I love the designs, fabric and stippling, but most of all "I LOVE IT ALL.
Hugs Jerri

by smburt 28 Feb 2013

That is a beautiful quilt, how talented you are.

by capoodle 28 Feb 2013

Beautiful work you put into making up the blocks and quilting.

by marianb 28 Feb 2013

this is a beautiful quilt anyone would treasure..i hope making it has helped. huggs marian

by lilylady 28 Feb 2013

very stunning ! As said a true heirloom. She'll love

by mysew1325 28 Feb 2013

stunning work... a true heirloom

by clawton 28 Feb 2013

This is beautiful!

by jrob Moderator 28 Feb 2013

What a powerful story you have to tell along with this beautiful work of art. I am sorry for your loss. May you soon only have smiles and memories to share. ;)

by oaro 28 Feb 2013

this is gorges quilt

by highlandermom 28 Feb 2013

Sad of your loss. Beautiful work on this as there is a touched process within this quilt. That no eyes can see but by the grace you are kept with as well as your MIL. Great your MIL nice and reaching out to help. Hope to see more of your wonderful work. Hugs from Highlandermom

by rsehorse 28 Feb 2013

This is absolutely georgeous. You did a fantastic job. Love the colors, the patchwork design and the embroidery designs. I just love it. Hugs, Susan

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rsehorse by rsehorse 28 Feb 2013

Forgot to mention that the quilting outstanding too! Susan

by 02kar Moderator 28 Feb 2013

Your Mom would be so proud of you. The quilt is truly a treasure and will spend many years as an heirloom.

by chefin 28 Feb 2013

very nice quilt nice colours

by pldc 28 Feb 2013

my sympathies. Your quilt is lovely maybe your mother was working through you too

by noah 28 Feb 2013

Sorry for your loss !!Your quilt is awesome hugs carolyn

by michemb 28 Feb 2013

Just a beautiful quilt, how lucky someone will be to receive this, love it

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CottonPeony by CottonPeony 28 Feb 2013

thanks, and this was done on Ellisimo Gold with Embird pes font engine which I wrote to you about on your question. See the waves and letter spacing.. perfect. You'll love this engine!

by pennifold 28 Feb 2013

It's beautiful and I'm so glad you got to finish it. And you are right it helps with the healing process doing something like this. Love Chris

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CottonPeony by CottonPeony 28 Feb 2013

yes, and thank you.. healing was part of this quilt. I cried the first few days in my 'creating room' while my mil was on the phone. She had such strong faith and Grace was with her to help me onwards.

by corinney 28 Feb 2013

This is a work of art my friend! Beautifully done! Sorry for your loss.

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CottonPeony by CottonPeony 28 Feb 2013

thank you.. hugs back to you!