by simplyrosie 27 Feb 2013

Hi everyone! Thought I'd stop by and say howdy! Gosh, it's been quite a long time since I've logged into CUTE and my oh my the website has changed! :) Anyway, I'm off to bed, but definitely wanted to smile and wave to everyone. Hugs, Teri


by bevintex 29 Nov 2014

This is from Feb 2013.

by sdrise 29 Nov 2014

Nice to see you!! Come by every now and again!!

by katydid 29 Nov 2014

Miss you , come back more often! Kay

by pldc 29 Nov 2014

Hi Teri, I hope you come by to visit again very soon. ~hugs~

by mad14kt 28 Apr 2013

Teri I just thought about you yesterday...miss chatting with you ;D *2U

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mad14kt by mad14kt 28 Apr 2013

Ops old post...FIESTA ANYHOW :)

by Martini 28 Apr 2013

Einen lieben Gruß zurück!

by simplyrosie 28 Feb 2013

It's nice to see your smiling faces gorgeous ladies! To answer the question on how I like Texas... well................. it's hot and I miss my friends and family. That pretty much sums up that question. LOL. xoxo teri

by clawton 28 Feb 2013

It certainly is good to hear from you again. Take care. Can't believe you're getting rid of so much. I guess we go through phases during our life span.

by jrob Moderator 28 Feb 2013

Oh, my goodness........a blast from the past. I've missed you girlfriend! I hope life has been treating you well. MWAH! ;)

by sdrise 28 Feb 2013

Happy to see you stopped by. Come again soon! Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 28 Feb 2013

I'm glad you checked in. I understand about the sewing but hope you have found another hobby to fill your time.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Feb 2013

Teri great to see you here.

by gerryvb 28 Feb 2013

good to see you here again!!! hugs for you!

by nonna57 28 Feb 2013

G'day Terri. Lovely to see your smiley face. Shalom :)

by mops Moderator 28 Feb 2013

Hi Teri, nice to see you again. I hope you and your husband are well, enjoy living in Texas and have made a nice number of friends there. Love, Martine

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Feb 2013

A great big howdy to you too. Glad you checked in

by airyfairy 27 Feb 2013

Great to 'see' you again Teri. Sarah.

by sewmom 27 Feb 2013

Nice to see you again : )

by pennifold 27 Feb 2013

So lovely to see your smiling face again Terri. I have missed you, how's Texas going? We are having it hot over here in Australia, but rain expected today! Hope husband is doing well with job. Love and blessings Chris

P.S. Have you got your machine out and done any sewing?

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 27 Feb 2013

Hey Chris!!!! when i say i'm headed to bed, it's always a 30 minute process. hehe. I actually have sold all but one machine. After my GM passed 3 years ago (I can't believe it!), the love I had for sewing died. I have my Ellisimo still, but I'm donating a bunch of sewing stuff to a local organisation that makes quilts for wounded soldiers and ill children. Maybe someday I'll want to sew again, but until then, I'm finding homes for items that will bring joy to someone's heart. :)

Hope all is well down under!!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!