by babsie 26 Feb 2013

Please help. I downloaded Wilcom Trusizer 2 just to convert Jef designs into Pes and it worked twice, but thereafter it keeps on taking me to the Internet and their face book pg where I do not want to be. What am I doing wrong? I only need a program to convert what else do you suggest? I had Pulse but lost it when I had the laptop crash and it is not available for free anymore. I do not mind buying something simple just for converting but all the ones available that I know of do lots of things that I do not want. Any suggestions? Thanks


by babsie 27 Feb 2013

Thanks for trying to help. Our internet was off last night because of heavy lightning and I was working offline and tryed Wilcom again and it WORKED BECAUSE OF NO INTERNET IT COULD NOT GO THERE! When I previously opened it a block popped up and when you click on it, it went to the face book Wilcom page and the Wilcom page with squares did not come up. So next time I want to use it I will switch the internet off. Hugs.

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spendlove by spendlove 27 Feb 2013

Glad the solution was that simple!

by sewmom 26 Feb 2013

This post has links to several conversion programs that are free. One of the newer ones is not a download but a program you use on their website. I don't remember which one that is. Perhaps it's the Wilcom that you're having trouble with?

by spendlove Moderator 26 Feb 2013

I've used this program a lot and not had this problem. Can you explain exactly what happens and when so we can try to help?