by marjialexa Moderator 23 Feb 2013

Could I request your prayers, please? My cat "Mikey", who was a stray that decided to stay with me last year, has been missing since Wednesday. He will stay out all night often, but is usually back in the morning, because that was his way. He's a grown cat, and has lived on his own perfectly well around here for several years before I took him in. I tried, but he just will not be completely a "house" cat, he sometimes wants to do his own thing. I'm worried, though. Probably for nothing, but I'm sure all you cat lovers know how it is. Thanks for your kindness, I miss his little funny face. Hugs, Marji


by pennifold 28 Feb 2013

Oh! Marji, I've just seen this post again and am so happy that Mikey is back home and alive and well. I love "graceandham's" story about their cat being found on Easter morning when her husband said "He's alive, He's alive!" well of course being Easter morning I wouldn't think anything other than that!

Love and blessings Chris

by greytgirl 28 Feb 2013

So happy to hear that your Mikey has returned home. I just love the smile on his face. He is a cutie!

by sukira 28 Feb 2013

What a pretty kitty. So glad he's back. Hugs, Rachel

by kezza2sew 27 Feb 2013

Just popped back in to see if he returned...oh so very happy he did..

by graceandham 26 Feb 2013

Glad he's home and safe. My Hamlet (Prince of Marietta, Roswell, and Lower Alabama) disappeared one July day and didn't reappear until -- wait for it -- Easter Morning, as my preacher/husband was walking over to the church. He came back in the house saying, "He's alive! He's alive!" I thought he'd gone over the edge....

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cfidl by cfidl 26 Feb 2013

LoL! Thanks!

by theduchess 26 Feb 2013

Are "Tender Vittles" still sold for cats.?? I had a cat about 20 years ago that was CRAZY about them. All I needed to do was shake the bag and say "Tender Vittles" and out of nowhere Mr Moose would zoom in..

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theduchess by theduchess 26 Feb 2013

Glad Mikey is home!!

by drro 26 Feb 2013

Good news, and Thanks for sharing! God answers prayers!!! He is awesome. Your little MIkey is adorable!

by sdrise 25 Feb 2013

So happy he came home. Being fixed he will not stay. He knows where he is loved and fed. He is lucky to have you. I have three outside cats like this. I have fixed them all. Mama and her brother Uncle Tom and Mamas last baby Pixie. Pixie comes in to sleep but the other two don't. We just put a house outside for them to sleep in filled with straw and insulated. Suzanne

by sadp 25 Feb 2013 glad Mikey came home, I knew he would, hugs S*

by debbie3 24 Feb 2013

With that smile on his face he looks completely happy with you. Love him lots and he will probably always return. What a happy face.

by marjialexa Moderator 24 Feb 2013

Guess who came home this morning!!! Thank you, thank you to everybody who prayed for his safe return!!! He is a neutered male, so he doesn't go chasing the girls, but he was born outside somewhere, and had been a stray around here for 2 years until he decided to live with me. He came to me last year with his eye all bloody and his ear torn up from a fight with something. I guess he just knew I would help him, because he wasn't a bit afraid of me. Took him to the vet and got him healed up and neutered at the same time. He's really happy here, but having been on the loose for so long, I guess every once in a while he has to make his old rounds. He surely didn't come home starving, but he smelled like he'd been in somebody's garage, cuddling up to old engines and transmissions. What a boy! At least he's home safe now, and I can stop worrying about him, until the next time. Thank you all so much for caring, and for your prayers. It really means a lot to me, much more than I think you can ever know. Hugs, Marji

Here he is, on his chair with Santa, after he ate this morning.

asterixsew by asterixsew 24 Feb 2013

What brilliant news

mlbell70 by mlbell70 24 Feb 2013

Glad to hear all is well-pretty kitty

irie2510 by irie2510 24 Feb 2013

Am so so glad to hear that Mikey is home safe and sound. STAY home now Mikey!!!!

rescuer by rescuer 25 Feb 2013

I am so glad he is home!
Watch out for the ol' boy. Some males, neutered later in life, think they "still got it" and go out looking for love anyway. LOL

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 25 Feb 2013

great news !

meganne by meganne 26 Feb 2013

Sooooooo Happy for you both. I freak out if any of my babies are out after dark, so I know how relieved you must be. Hugs n love, Meg
He sure is a beauty!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 26 Feb 2013

What a lot of meauuuuu! (happiness) So happy that the little guy is now safe and Mommy is happy again.

basketkase by basketkase 26 Feb 2013

Yippee and yahoo!! Marji I am just thrilled to read of Mikey's return!! He is one gorgeous boy!!!

by theduchess 24 Feb 2013

Any "Meow" about Mikey??

by sdrise 24 Feb 2013

What a Cutie!! I recently lost my two outside strays during the blizzard. They were missing for a week. Thanks to all the prayers they showed up .. They were buried under some cars in a car lot. Thinner but Ok. I am sure he is OK. Has he been fixed? if not he will stray looking for females. They always come back to where ever they are fed. Keep us updated. Suzanne

by airyfairy 24 Feb 2013

He has the most wonderful face. I hope he is back soon with his 'mum' who obviously adores him. Hugs Sarah.

by sadp 24 Feb 2013

What a beautiful Ginger, my prayers are that he will return safely, hugs S*

by capoodle 24 Feb 2013

Nice personable face. I have heard cats will go missing for a few weeks and then show back up. He will wander back home soon.

by graceandham 24 Feb 2013

My cats want to know what you offered Mikey to get him to smile like that? I hope he just has wanderitis and will be home soon to smile sweetly.

by pldc 24 Feb 2013

wow that is the face of a cat that is loved! He will be back for sure, let us know when he comes home Marji, hugs Loralye

by kezza2sew 24 Feb 2013

Oh Mikey is so sweet, and I do hope he will return very soon to you. I understand how you feel absolutely...hugs Kerry

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Feb 2013

Oh Marji. I can't help but smile at this cute face. Let's pray he comes back home soon, I most certainly will pray for his safe return.

by irie2510 23 Feb 2013

Thinking of you and Mikey...and hoping he'll be home very soon, safe and sound.

by killiecrankie 23 Feb 2013

Its a year ago that Gandalf got catnapped & was missing for 6days.Someone living in some units about 100m away decided to lock him in her unit with her cats.Like Mikey he was a stray that decided to live with us & it has taken over a year to make him stay in at night,the turning point was when he got a very bad abcess on his front paw (looked like a chicken drumstick ) I thought it was broken but the vet soon sorted it out .Gandalf was very sick & didn't play up at being locked in.He still has the occassional night on the town.Hope Mikey gets hungry enough to return to his loving home

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 23 Feb 2013

PS love that smile on his face

by katydid 23 Feb 2013

so sorry!! I have a situation also. My garage kitty whom I have fed 3 or 4 yrs had a injured hind leg and has been gone for days. He did show once to eat. He will not let me touch him. He no longer sleeps in his bed in the garage. I am worried about him also. Kay

basketkase by basketkase 24 Feb 2013

Oh, sorry to hear about "Mr. Garage".......We have them come & go here as well, and it tears us up when one goes missing....

marjialexa by marjialexa 24 Feb 2013

Kay, I'm saying prayers for "Garage Kitty", too! Sometimes these strays are not too trusting of ANY human, since they've been chased and hurt too often. Hope you can get him some help, and that he'll let you. Hugs, Marji

by 02kar Moderator 23 Feb 2013

Our cats deserve our prayers too. My prayers are added for a safe return. Please let us know what happens.

by basketkase 23 Feb 2013

Oh, Marji, I will keep you & Mikey in my thoughts & prayers.........yes, I know first hand the worry, concern and the sleepness nights I had when Graycie was missing.......

by rescuer Moderator 23 Feb 2013

Prayers for you and Mikey. I am sure he knows the way home. Even a stray needs the kind of love and compassion you have for other's. May God watch over you both and provide you the comfort you need.

by noah 23 Feb 2013

Ah hes sweet yes i will pray God brings him home hugs Carolyn

by AllRaggedy 23 Feb 2013

What an adorable kitty! I am keeping good thoughts and prayers going for you. Our wonderful Siamese kitty got out once and disappeared for 5 days. She did return to us though, so I hope that you will be as blessed. Keep up your hope and faith and do not give up your search.

by zoefzoef 23 Feb 2013

my prayers are out for the both of you !

by pennifold 23 Feb 2013

Of course, I'll pray for Mikey. Love you, Chris